YouTube Workouts Vs. 10X – Which is Better? | Ronan Oliveira

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How YouTube home workouts compare to 10X

Between the popular YouTube workout videos and 10X, which one is better? In this video, Ronan Oliveira compares both and answers how each of them are different and the type of results you can expect after a few months. For instance, YouTube workouts heavily focus on the lower body with exercises like lunges exercise and leg workouts at home. While on the other hand, 10X focuses on muscle growth and muscle growth transformation by building tension in muscles.

YouTube exercises are great for cardio training, while 10X works better for muscle and strength training. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. The best exercise routine between YouTube videos and the 10X program is the one that meets your needs.

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About Ronan Oliveira:

💪Ronan Diego de Oliveira is Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness and works alongside the world’s foremost experts in Health & Fitness. Ronan learned the science of Health & Fitness the hard way — by carefully dissecting raw medical studies and testing what he discovered — on his own body.

💪5 years ago Ronan’s body was deteriorating… With an over-demanding job, he spent a great deal of time feeling sick and tired, his mood was unstable and his mental focus was almost non-existent — a direct result of lack of exercise, poor diet, and bad sleep.

💪He decided to skip the hype, advertising, and conventional ways of exercise and instead learn straight from scientific studies. He reproduced the experiments done by scientists in labs in his own body and saw how his health and fitness started to transform.

💪By applying science, Ronan regained his energy and focus, got strong and healthy, won 1st place out of 11,000 runners in the Viper Challenge, the largest obstacle circuit race competition in Asia — and continued getting faster, fitter, and stronger.

💪Today Ronan coaches people internationally to apply the best methods to get in shape, boost energy, and bring back their “zest” for life.

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    • Hi Janis, Ronan here. This is HOT news then 🔥😁 are you thinking of checking out the masterclass?

  1. I would like to prefer of YouTube exercise which keeps us fit regularly and gives more energy.

    • Hey Seraj, Ronan here. And they are plenty. Have you tried any of them that you like best?

    • Hey Jordan! It’s been a while, man. Hope you’re doing fantastic 🙂

    • Hi Gurleen, Ronan here. Thank you 🙂 Tell me more, what did you love about this video?

    • It’s a transcendental and potentially transgenerational workout for sure.

  2. Insteresting!! I signed up for the masterclass. I want to learn more

    • Hi Katerina, Ronan here. Ooh great suggestion! I love that and I’ll make a video about that for sure 🙂

  3. I have taken the 10 X masterclass…
    It was was super interesting and informative.
    I had been doing youtube workour till now but now i have plans of changing that routine.Althout i did not buy the program because i don’t have money of my own.
    But still i love it for sure

  4. But what if people are combine both plyometric and strength workout as a interval training

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