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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. I’m already in the Spotlight Fam.!!! I shine Bright with Love wherever I go.!! at all and any time.!!

  2. The universe put you through all you needed to go through so when you take that center stage you’ll be ready ✨

    • Scorpio full moon today. I am a Scorpio Moon, pisces sun and cancer rising. I just found my true purpose today. Finally chose 1 thing that allows all of my gifts to flourish. I will be famous for sure. The universe confirmed it. <3 I am so grateful. Your videos really helped me a lot. I will bless you with a large amount of money when I have finished my mission and made all the money I could ever need in this dimension.

  3. Thank You Big Soul Brother Tren I am in Miami right now as well Brother Love and Blessings To Everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦁🐯☀️🍀🍀🍀👑

  4. Well needed everything is falling into place for me.. and I hope to you that is reading this

    • Congratulations 🎊 and Thank you… I Believe and Receive! ✨🙌🏽💜 Thank the Heavenly Father

    • Yes It Is I Just Said The Same Thing Prayer Really Works All You Have To Do Is BELIEVE !!!

  5. Bro you talking to me right now… The older people around me🤔…

  6. It’s a great day everyday I woke up love and blessings to everyone

  7. It’s crazy how every new video that u drop happens to be my current situation, thinking/thoughts or chapter. It’s like literally everything u drop is confirmation ‼️‼️ you’re the goat TREN

  8. Big Brotha Tren I go through this on a daily basis!! Females mean muggin me and my own family acting weird towards me for no reason! I’ve just learned to ignore it now because I know GOD has me filled with his light 🤎

  9. YOUR TIME IS COMING, BE PATIENT. You are destined for greater. Your purpose matters

  10. Lmao 3 mins in talkin bout “can you say a prayer” 🤣🤣that was funny most def can relate to that scenario

  11. My energy pisses people off 😂😂 and I always attract so much attention outside 😂

    • Was feeling the truth about this today. I attract a lot of attention and I just want to do my work and be left alone

  12. If I can’t feel it, Howard isn’t a duck! LOL! (I just aged myself big time. Most of y’all won’t get that. 🤣🤣). I FEEL THE SHIFT!!

  13. Facts people always want be in my business asking personal questions, steady watching my every move etc

  14. If your a Starseed, look up in the sky there’s a star with your name on it. If your starseed look down, there’s a sunflower with your name on it. Grow and shine . Let’s all thank Tren for helping us get there . Thank you Tren.❤

  15. I’ll tell you what….God has been purging people and jobs from my life in the most harmonious ways.
    People who I thought was for me had hidden motives. But! The truth HAD to come out!

    I just want to say….ITS TIME TO SHINE BABY!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💫

  16. I swear soon as you said insects will fly around you a butterfly started flying at me. I am CHOSEN- RATED 👾®️

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