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  1. Man I was waiting for you to drop something and you hit us with it.

  2. They may wanna see you good, but never better than them. Remember that. ✌🏽

  3. Divine powers are always working for us because we do right.

  4. This pandemic didn’t set the trend on wearing mask some people been wearing them👌🏻
    ♾🧿♾ my riches can’t be bought✨

    • @Daniel Acosta I love Mac Dre… from the VALLEY-O I still play his music. One of my favorites rap song California Bear🐻.

    • ah i Like hmm Favs Recognize Game, tha Uninvited, jus Lace-n’em, Gift of Gab other’s but Cutty Changing my Mindset Born Califas now in my Onda idaho tryna Spread His Sauce🙏

  5. I’ve had people that did me wrong comeback and congratulate me on my success but not once apologize 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I forgive but I don’t forget.

    • @Tren Genius Huuuuuh!!!?!?! Liiissten! 😂😂😂 big facts, Tren Genius! 💯👑💪🏽

    • Same I forgive but I never forget what u said that one thing that kept me going u said that was negative made do sum positive to boss up

    • @Meesha Crayton I’m trying to get to that place of praying for my enemies. I know scripture tells us to do so. Well, I don’t think chosen people ever change, no matter what we go through. It’s who we are. Yes, when you don’t change it confuses the decepticons because they’re the masses, the sheep, when they get a real one like us they can’t handle it. Like scripture says, God will prepare a table in front of your enemies. That’s what these decepticons do to us. They think they are destroying us, but setting us up for a bigger comeback. Many blessings, starseed 😘

    • Big facts it be funny the way they act seriously 😂💯😳🤣congrats love keep it coming 🗣🤞📿

  6. Im blowing up💣🔥they can’t stop me now 🤧 fly free like 🦅

  7. “She 21 got her own crib got her own money” felt like you were talking to me 🤣

  8. Tren I’m bout to blow up and I feel like they don’t want to acknowledge my talent ! Ive been putting things into place to make it happen ! I want Everybody to be Successful ! 100%

    • @Keyonna Snow thank you Starseed Amen to You to 🙏🏽💯

    • @Cray Tha Chef 777 Thank You ! 💯 Like mind Being Go through The same things in many aspects ! YOU keep it up to Starseed 🌟 👏🏾🙏🏽💯

    • Thank you and blessings to you 📣💓📿🤞💯😍🙌🙏

  9. Thought I was the only one thought people wanted me to need them. OHH you want me to have to ask you so you can say no….. lol yeah ion think so.

  10. Bro you are literally telling me my whole situation right now everybody in my life is BIG MAD at my success and i love it 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bc you are doing something right well keep going . Give em a reason to be mad themselves 🗣💯🤞😂 I am on the same level🔥📣💓

    • The DECEPTACONS have been defeated in this chapter of my life!!! Finally!! Glory hallelujah! Let’s celebrate STARSEEDS! Celebrating in the Lord!….is what we’ll do! Glory hallelujah! God did it!! Many more promises to come! Amen 🙏

  11. Success definitely shows the fake people. They come out in droves. Yes, they have a way to flip the script even when you do something good for them. So true Tren!

    • oye i Hav God The Father👑 bout-It most hate i EVER had 😂 “i died and Cameback?”-Soy Chicano and im Not Big? Looonnnggg?

  12. I just wanted to mention on here since only y’all will understand and y’all are like family. Ever since I started binging TrenGenius’ videos, I’ve been noticing these deceptagons are everywhere. I’ve been cutting unsupportive people out my life. These manifestation and good vibes are really working because just yesterday a “friend” who I thought was there for me suddenly came out of nowhere on my DMs and started bringing up things about my past and “what’s the tea?” Word for word asking “What’s the tea?” 😂 Like, okaaaay, you ignore my small business and everything great going on in my life but choose to ask about my past? About my ex? Wow…Tren, you’re so right! I remember seeing a video when you mentioned that these haters are always obsessed with our past and where we used to be! So glad I’m finally waking up and doing my own thing alongside everyone here! Let’s keep rising! 💯👌🏼

  13. My parents!!! They still treat me like I’m some damn little girl that can’t fend for herself but when I start doing stuff on my own they get jealous and never acknowledge the stuff I do .

    • @Author Lee Campbell lord Knows I feel for you it hurt the worst when it’s your MOM when she suppose to love you unconditionally no matter what smh that type of pain will make you suicidal … and it’s crazy I’m undergoing the same thing with mine as we speak .. we fell out few days ago she showed her true colors and that was it for me… I am currently plotting a escape plan because clearly I’m the SCAPEGOAT

    • @Shanye West don’t worry though. When I spoke to God he told me to stay put. I have you hear for a reason and season. When I’m ready to move you I will. I’ve tried running from this situation and always got put back in my place. God will move you and you don’t even have to do much. We Just have to center ourselves and make more moves and less announcements. He will handle them. Not our battle

    • @LovelyFlyShy protect your energy and keep yourself separate from the narcs .. it’s always the ones that you think have your best interest .. be blessed my queen you got it ♥️

    • I always wanted to start my own YouTube channel to touch on these subjects and also tell my own experience . they gone say I’m wrong and “I talk too much” cause I’m speaking facts but idc anymore … y’all just wish for me the best 💯 God bless you all , stay prayed up, and wear your evil eye jewelry PROUDLY . No weapon against you SHALL prosper in Jesus name AMEN 🙏🏾

  14. “So what? Who gives a damn?!” The way you say it is perfect 😂 just so matter-of-fact

  15. Bruh. I hollered at “no I don’t need you BIHH” felt it in my heart LMFAO

  16. They want to cage you, cuz you fly, and they cant, but when you sing, they ears hurt 🤕

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