Your Consciousness Can CHANGE Your Genetics

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Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. shares his revolutionary view of our conscious ability to affect gene expression. Throughout the eons of human history, our understanding of our place in the world has changed from a connection with the natural world, to completely separate from it. In modern times, this has led to certain notions, that have become recognized as scientific truths, which make us a victim of our environment. With new discoveries in epigenetics, our control over the wellbeing of our bodies is placed back into our own hands, if we are ready to accept it.

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  1. I hope aliens come for me and my family.. I don’t wanna be on this planet anymore.

  2. We need to stop geo engineering that is what is causing the weather to change

    • @B C do you have any links to documents or anything i would like to look in to that. And how exactly would it ”control” our consciousness or preception, what would actually happen, do we loose all our memories or what?

    • @CLEAN you can find the patent online in the filings. The video I had with the link and explaining it and been taken down since. But it controls your thoughts/consciousness because what expands or shrinks your consciousness is “light” aka “information” the nanotechnology connects you to the internet hive mind that they claim will make you “genius” but it won’t. It connects you to the hive mind controlled by people who have agendas. If they can control the information you are given it would then control your perceptions and thus consciousness. Then since that is your form of payment they can control your behavior by limiting your ability to travel or do anything if you are behaving how they want.

    • That’s just speculative, there could be some truth to it though, but debarring consiousness is not just a humans game yet!

  3. Omg… This just a long ad for climate change. true or false, can no one do anything without pushing an agenda?

  4. Birds are living dinosaurs, only herbivores died, the meat eating dinos evolved into avian(bird) dinos which are the ancestors of modern day birds

  5. Exceptional work Gaia, this is the call we need to hear and you’re calling it out loud!

  6. Its the sun not us stupid. The sun controls everything on this planet. Our fading magnetic shields and magnetic pole reversal will cause next great extinction – not us.

  7. Did you notice when he got to the universe. Just at that time he was talking about receiving wrong info. An advert came on lol..impeccable.

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