“You will own nothing, and you will be happy”? | The Great Reset

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    • @Adam Guggemos Kelloggs promoted and funded, and probably still does, eugenics. Sad facts.

    • Really wish George Orwell didn’t imagine this then write it down.. imagination and words create reality… but we can use Neville Goddard’s revision to change the past.. so George Orwell never wrote the book ❤️👌🏼💯

  1. The Universe is about to work in your favor. You will receive new energy, improved emotional and mental states, spiritual evolution, wealth in every area of your life. A new space is being made for you to flourish. More clarity for your purpose, and a new way to clear out the old. Blessings will come because you claim that right now.

  2. EARLY SQUAD!! love you Ralph youreally help my mental health peace and love from edmonton alberta Canada

  3. Don’t let the outside govern your internal condition. You my friend are the point of attraction, creating from the inside out. 🙂

  4. They don’t have the power to change weather. The weather is in alignment with the collective energy. So glad to be living during these times. Grateful for your channel and wisdom. 🙏💜

  5. If your reading this ….welcome to new earth. I love you all family❤️ The Christ within! Sacred Secretion! The kingdom of heaven is within! We are the LIGHT ❤️

    • Good afternoon from London my brother, great to see the love is spreading.. 💯😙🎶

  6. Hope everyone is doing ok right now. Had the worst panic attack. Lots of love to everyone. Please send the love back as well! Appreciate you all 🙏💞

  7. Good afternoon from London Ralph, yes its true. The powers that be want to make up our minds when we should be making up our own. We shall overcome if we wake up.. Thank you so much for your free time and videos.. 💯🙏🏽❤️

    • its no joke, MK Ultra staff can already view Your dreams. They know how to observe Your dreams visually, through telepathy . They have been observing me for years now. Not all of them are evil, but some of them definitely are. Its a mixed bag.

    • Dear Lord for Petes sake, please take these keep sakes that I offer & Keep my Famly & Me Safe
      I promise never to lead stray, have rather than eat cake, keep faith, & keep space between those who make messes which leave stains
      Heavenly shadow esteemed saint hovers over (as wreaths hang)
      Hang on & hate not, for beautiful picture we paint can remain lost
      visions victim of taint thought, still here so we thank God

    • i write rhyme scheme poetry which originally attracted them to Me . They appreciate people with skill sets and will try to recruit You. Personally I told them to F*** off more or less. I suffered the consequences. So be it

  8. Translation “We will own everything, and you will be very unhappy but will have absolutely no means to do anything about it!”

    • Yeah I wonder if Bill gates and his friends are gonna be happy owning nothing. 😂 Yeah fat chance of that happening.

  9. Indeed, Time to wake up and smell the coffee 🖖

  10. it feels really heart broken for those who does not choose Freedom over security.

  11. 1:40 I hope they keep that motto to themselves. “Own nothing sweethearts” including your desire to control people

  12. I am fearless! I accept death and whenever it’s my time! I’m gonna live my life free happy! And spreading unconditional love and ascending frequencies!

  13. I think we all need a “great reset.” However, we need to choose whether we are going to go with the elite’s version of the reset which is ruled by AI, or with OUR version of the reset which is based on love, connection, and freedom.

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