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Miracle Power of Your Mind:
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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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    • Divine power’s always be working in our favour ✨🙌✨

      Our creator wants us as people to be divinely humble,though be confidently Living from our soul’s!!!

      Tren,keep giving this world ✨🌏✨ your greatest messages that’s authentic to you brother ✨🤝✨

      Divine blessings sent to you✓

    • Omg I swear I just read Isaiah 41-44 Just before I clicked on this video❤Wow look at Spirit TY LORD

    • Hello family don’t forget to subscribe 😉 to the channel get other as well to support 2k before Tren b-day 😊 have a wonderful evening..

    • @Da Truth Teller hello family support the channel subscribe tell others about the realm team thanks have a wonderful evening 😀

    • Speak in the present moment: never going to be, nor will be, etc. Stay in the now moment ☝🏽

      Knowledge (Light), Integration, Power

      Dua Asé Asé Asé

    • Absolutely!! May your 2021 be full of nothing but prosperity, blessings and health in abundance it’s yours

  2. Bruh I thought I be Trippen people even come up to me out the blue telling me things only the creator know.

  3. Crooks and con artist are being called out by random people everywhere. People tired of these low key thieves getting ahead. There was always lots of gifted people but they been cheated, hoodwinked, bamboozled and led astray and mostly by they own fam!! PREACH!! no one is free when they attached to chains they don’t control!! I refuse to let anybody have a tight short chain on me for some crumbs of pennies. I am in hear pacing in my kitchen saying amen, my eyes are looking very pure and clean cause I am keeping them to darn self right now and only seeing the divine ones energy and real chosen. AMEN!!!! You put the craving of apples in my mouth, such divine energy coming from this video!! I am life path 9 so I can feel your energy, tears coming out of my eyes feeling your vibe from this video. The devils millions can come for my chosen energy and they will be sent back down to Satan! I cried when you said the world is dying, I am life path 9 so my humanitarian kicked in when you said that. I see the animals even struggling to survive cause humans upset the balance!!

  4. Chosen people most spend alot of time alone in order to connect with the divine ones to get info to bring to the blind and deaf ones or like you said can’t think they for self and being brainwashed by Satan’s millions. I am annointed but seldom ever say and still people can tell and Satan’s millions be knowing and keep coming for me. I am different because I was hear before, I am 200 years old at least and walked with Jesus once upon a time and remember, I even got it confirmed by another chosen powerful one. I was killed in my past life for walking with Jesus and as they stuff the knife in my chest I still stood by Jesus and did not deny him.

    • This is a Powerful story thank you for sharing ❤️💪🙏

  5. This Inspirational Message is a breath of fresh air, thank you big brother Tren 🤗

    • Hello family realm team would love for you to join support ❤ the channel by subscribing and sharing 😀 with others 2k before Tren b-day ♥

    • @Miss Boujielistic already subscribed. My bday is dec 16th. I will be 40. Shared with my daughters. Told them to pass it on.

  6. I know deep down in my soul I am selected I believed in the power of the universe every since I was a kid! Starseed power!!!🧘🏽‍♀️🌠🥰

  7. I Was Premature Baby , I’m Beyond kind And Everyone Still Turns On Me…..I Survived Things That is Unexplainable …..One Time My Bro Dropped A Gun In Front Of Me And The Shell Was In My Shoe And It Was A Hole In The Wall Behind Me…..I See 1111 All The Time.

  8. it feels like that iam now by myself i lost the last 3 people around me i was heard them laughing about my boyfriend and make Jokes about us so iam better off allone only just us 2 iam feel like i am chosen because iam separate from everyone around me who doesnt serve me good??why People are like that ??but as i said iam better off allone thanks 😀👍👍👍

    • We have bad and good people and at some point in life we have to find are way around. What makes you happy will change situations around realm team would love for you to join we are all a family. Support the channel by subscribing, sharing Have a wonderful evening the journey is waiting for you to start it 😀 2k before Tren b-day much-loved.

    • @Miss Boujielistic thank you so much as soon as i can i will Subscribe at Moment over here its bit difficult Situation after Italy i will Open up a new Bank Account They closed my old one so Patience i will join here because we are family 🤗😍👍👍

  9. I’m learning I can not save everyone, let alone tell some sleepers the truth. I’ve learned to help those that the universe sends my way. I have to physically remove myself from certain conversations and people because I feel like my head is about to explode. Let’s not talk about being in a family full of sleepers. I can’t save their souls. Then I realize sleepers are not deep thinkers. Or thinkers for themselves at all. They’re not in control of their emotions. Someone else outside of them is. And that’s what makes my heart break.

    • Love to you💗 @Sherita

      Go within. Connect to your Spirit and TMH…begin that work so that you may know your true identity now, your Purpose, your Name. The name is the nature. You have been called to know yourself so that when you go in your Chrysalis, you come out as who you truly are and live your true life.

      Tell dem’ people Bye 👋🏽 and go within so you’re blessings flow in bountifully.

      We are called to recreate and restructure the family bloodlines, cleaning 🧹 the dna to restoring blessings to the Royal blood 🩸 lines in this hour. All work is done from the inside…no need to worry about saving anyone at all, just shift you and you will consequently shift them. Catch that. 👀

      Folks gon’ catch the patterns and cycles of what’s really going on on this plane in a minute. 😉

      I see it so clearly, perfectly. Got that 20/20 Vision.

      Love to you 🙏🏽

      Now back to my God/dess ish 🤫

      Dua Asé Asé Asé

    • I can relate to you, constantly dumbing down your conversations cause over wise they’re think your crazy 😂…. I would rather be their crazy. Then their normal.

  10. I know I’m CHOSEN he has shown forth his handy work in the sky he has drawn hearts to show me his love for me. GOD even play’s music everywhere I go to remind me how great his love is for me and for others to awaken by the sight of his outpouring of public exploits of LOVE.

  11. hey tren this is absolutely right who are chosen and have a higher vibration in my own experience, I love your knowledge and videos you always make my day with your content i appreciate you speaking this into existence.

  12. I’m most definitely chosen ! This is just confirmation ! Thank you ! AND more confirmation : I woke up at 11:11 on 11/1 and it was 74 degrees outside (7+4=11) and my phone was on 55%.. Maaaaan listen ! I CAN’T MAKE THIS UP ! I was so excited to see that I had to screenshot it AND post it ! I’ve been seeing a lot of numbers lately, 333, 222, 444, 1111,11:11, 11:01 1011, 111and more ! It’s so much more ! I’m glad I saw this video, it resonates Sooooo much ! I feel in spirit that I’m chosen, that I’m blessed and highly favored and that I have a higher purpose in life ! This is awesome ! I’m glad you followed your spirit because this is my confirmation ! 💯

  13. When I was a little girl I always thought I was very different from a lot of other children I had an awareness that they didn’t have,now I’m a fully grown star seed and feel very blessed thanks Tren 🙆🚵🇬🇧

  14. Tren Gen, you are 100 on this message! I felt like i was talking to myself listening to you.. Its my time, i know it fa sho now👍💪✌!

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