You Don’t Really Own Anything and Here’s Why

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You Don't Really Own Anything and Here's Why. In this video I'll explain to you why you don't really own anything.

Human beings have forever been concerned with #ownership. One of the primary concerns of the ego (self-concept) is: what is mine vs. what is yours. The problem with the concept of ownership is that it has both a potential positive side and a potential negative side. To #own something is to have that thing in that it belongs to and with you. It implies some form of responsibility towards that thing.

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

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  1. I’ve just met some members of the Kogi tribe from Columbia and learnt that some of them are on a mission to liberate crystals from museums. One of the crystals was placed back in the earth and within a month water started flowing again where it had been dry. They knew where the crystals belonged through listening, they say everything in existence has a memory and we just have to listen

  2. This is good. Have stuff in storage. Will take another look at those items. Makes so much sense what you are expressing here Teal. Ty

  3. This really touched my heart. I plan on going through my house and seeing which things could be used better elsewhere. I try my best to acknowledge everything in my home and give it gratitude. And i now know why i am rejected by plants…even outdoor hanging ones. I never realized this part of it. Your videos are always so helpful! Thank you

    • Same here. I just realized I have an entire home of objects I don’t use/need anymore that can serve their purpose elsewhere.

  4. I love this. Marie Kondo helps people understand to give your things a purpose and when that purpose has been served let it go and thank it for it’s purpose that served. Everything is energy. Thank you, Teal. Love and Light to You 💗✨

  5. Loved this Teal! But I wish you would have explained how we can tune into the consciousness or perspective of that thing/object. Do I connect with it on a heart level? Similar to a meditation? Or do I just take it, e.g. a mug in the store, and ask it ‘do you want to come with me?’ and then listen to the first intuitive answer from within myself?

    • That’s exactly how I was taught a few years ago … To hold the item in my hand, close my eyes, take a deep breath & ask the item if it wants to come with me. Then tune into how I feel. Our gut feeling/intuition usually gives us an answer if we listen.

  6. Oh my god I’ve been feeding this cat that is very much “wild.” It is very sweet but definitely not used to humans. I’ve been thinking about this partnership with this cat. I don’t want to push it into a domesticated life so I’m following its lead in this relationship.
    This video was such confirmation for me. Also a push to go through the stuff in my space. Yay!

    • got two dogs, and they are anarchists 🙂
      relationships with pets are not only “slavery” as teal puts it.
      It can also be very beneficial for both ends.
      I dont see my dogs as “pets” btw… they are companions.

    • If a cat is attacking you it just has pent up energy and needs to play. If it’s hissing at you it’s scared. Check out Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube videos- he’s great at accomadating our little furry friends. It’s not about domestication, it’s about honoring their autonomy.

    • @The Temple Laboratory yes I’ve had cats before, only this one actually came to me and I’m getting the opportunity to practice a conscious relationship with it. My previous experience with cats was always a family “pet.”
      I’ll check it out! Thank you 😊 and you’re absolutely right; it’s about honouring the free will in all ✨

  7. I think plants are master manifestors though. I am really good with plants, and I can’t tell you how many people will give me their plants. I mean somehow they end up with me and under my care they strive. I talk to them, kiss them, touch them. They all have different characters, even genders.

    • My mom has the same gift as yours. All plants usually die in my home… Except 2 plants that i’ve had for over 20 years and they are still happy with me. My mom on the other hand has an entire home filled with indoor plants & flowers and she also sings, kisses & talks to them every day. She gives so much love to her plants and they love her back. My understanding of this is that if you are happily connected to an item, then it’s ok to keep it. But the moment it no longer sparks any positive emotions, it’s time to let it go.

    • @Eva V That is so beautiful and that makes sense!!! I fully agree ❤ Means that those 2 specific plants love being with you … 🌸🌷🌻

  8. Thank you for this video. My friend taught me how to be a minimalist and it felt good that I didn’t own too much and no distractions. But when I moved, I started to buy more stuff again. I have to reconnect with what I’ve learned and start to feel good again. Let go of the things and let others enjoy those things. 😊

    • Hmm, but what about the objects that will flock to you? It’d be sad to ignore them just because you decided to be a minimalist.

  9. Loved It, It is making me reflect so mutch. I will love a vídeo about the process that you can do when buying something, how I feel that thing wants to be with me? It is related with how mucht I really like, honor and apareciate that thing and thus how mutch I will be using that ítem with LOVE and appreciation, or is that for the ítem to want to be with me not related AT ALL with my love for It?
    I actually make and effort of counciusly buying since I am little tho, and I constantly try to Connect with the things that I own. Not only for the “ítem” but because it gives me more positive feeling when I am wearing It so I feel better about myself. It is like a reward for having appreciation for that thing that then that thing makes me feel appreciated.
    Thank you for this information much love to you dear Teal ❤️🌹🌷

  10. Never been a better message, Dear Teal…. Everything is changing during this Prophetic Time…. It’s Interesting how one can be a master of nothing and a Master of All at the same moment…. Blessed are the Peacemakers☯💙🌊💎🌌✔

  11. There is a book I have loved since it was released, The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Fiction. Like a love poem when I read it. This video explains to me that intense connection I felt to this story. Beautiful, broken and experienced with a bit of perfect love.

  12. I just got an oracle card about it yesterday. Honestly, I feel like this will be hard cause I hate living in empty spaces, i always like having everything full of something, and even my closet, I have a ton of clothes, I wear each occasionally but I am glad for them and really wouldn’t like to put any away. I am looking at my crystals and I have no idea… Maybe they want to be somewhere else but who knows.

  13. It feels really freeing to consider that absolutely everything is in a relationship with you, a feeling of being equal to everything and everyone, it reminds me of how I felt as a baby. It’s very validating, thank you Teal.

  14. Wow. This is so interesting to think about! I have always felt into the energy of things but this gives me a greater, much needed perspective on it. Gratitude, Teal! You are so appreciated!🙏💖🙌

  15. “You are a fractal of the Great Universe at large, …” Love it! The mathematician in me, fascinated by quantum field theory and dynamical systems mathematics, including fractal geometry, recognizes this as the bare essence of true reality. The musician and composer in me feels the rich power of harmonious interactions of independent energies. I might add, that because of watching this, I am now more aware that my guitars and other musical instruments are happy residing with me as long as I include them in the making of music. When I can no longer do that I need to give them to someone who can. It is in their best interests to be with me if I collaborate with them to express our souls that music is the language of. Then we are then both fulfulling our purposes.

  16. I love this video so much 💕 I remember Teal posting on Premium about how her crystals all wanted to be moved to different rooms and she was busy doing that for them. It made me start to tune into my home objects and do some reorganization based on what they were telling me. It was fun! And it gave my apartment such a nice boost of energy and “flow.” It feels good to be connected in this world.

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