You Can Regenerate Your Cells with The Power of Your Mind – Self Healing

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Science shows our cells are listening, and by using the mind to change what they hear, we can change what they do. Perhaps this is what Hippocrates meant when he said “Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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    • I was eagerly waiting for new upload..universe inside u is my favourite channel in YouTube…

  2. Love this channel because I learn alot of new things from you guys . God bless you guys in your wonderful contents . One love 🙏

  3. I was literally just talking to a friend of mine about this Channel and singing your praises, and look at who pops up! You guys are the best!!

    • I said the same thing to my friend. I’ve learned so much from this channel and hope they continue putting out content.

  4. Imhotep did it way before Hippocrates was even a thought. Infact Imhotep is mentioned in the Hippocratic Oath renamed as Aesculapius. Imhotep is the real father of modern medicine.

    • Facts over Fiction God king, I thought I was the only person who had to correct these devis.

    • @BLACK TRUTH365 I understand your frustration. But I still learn alot from this channel. Idk if devils is appropriate. Maybe Just directly calling out their error is enough.

  5. I’m a fan of the channel, please continue putting out content. We need and love the knowledge that is shared, thank you.

  6. The psyche is gateway to the ethereal realm. Where all cosmic energy is born and resides.

  7. YOU are always the 1st person to speak into YOUR life, choose YOUR words correctly☀️

  8. I like the sound of the lady’s voice, it’s soothing and I could listen to her voice for hours.

  9. Yup. Been doing this my whole life. Great video. MIND OVER MATTER! ✔💯🏆

  10. My hairs stood up for nearly the entire video. That tells me it’s true and worth further investigation. So happy I saw this! ✌🏼💛

    • Please don’t connect emotions to truth… Yes, it’s worth investigating but emotions don’t make something true.

  11. We are part of Nature, God’s unconditional creation. Do Animals have Dr’s, NO but they either self heal or die, a Tree is just the same, we do not consider that alive but it is, just as Earth is a living thing and from the platform upon which we live on, we live? These days drugs are chemically made but back in the day learned that plant extracts had healing properties, which in some cases were just crack pots trying to make money. It is not that long ago, a hard life, balanced diet and rest, all played there part of longevity of life. Mind over matter has long worked to heal, just as many other methods of living all worked. Still does today but Humans are dead set in destroying anything in greed and polluting everything around us. Who needs to live?

  12. The three important keys of health, environment, environment, environment … just like in real estate, location location location. Epigenetics 101. Note vir in both virus and environment, they are connected to the ethereal domain and The Archon, but that’s too deep down the rabbit hole for most people … or up.

  13. Absolutely great content. Conscious control of your total internal body and total external environment is something that I experience. It all depends on how we exercise our brain through meditation and how we live out our day to day values. Accupuncture, gemstone Howlite therapy, extracts and chiropractic therapy compliment the mind’s power to heal physical problems. For it all started with the LOA.

    • Karen, thank you very much– I LOVE what you said. And, it makes sense!👍👍
      –Shannon Aguilar❤

  14. This reminded me of ‘What a Plant Knows’ by Daniel Chamovitz, which is a fascinating book.

  15. I’ve been waiting years for an upload….only joking 🙃 I love this channel and would wait forever….I can’t wait to watch this with a cuppa, candle lit and relax!

  16. Well it’s related to frequency, our body is a manifestation of energy and energy is vibration. Every emotion has its own frequency every thought every idea every emotion has its own frequency, negative emotions has low frequency and positive emotion has high frequency. And it is researched and proven then high frequencies of vibrations can kill cancer cells, you can find videos of it on YouTube. You’re welcome.

  17. I really love how well thought out your videos are. The placebo effect is something I work with on a daily basis. it’s sad to see how many people have put it as a negative thing. on a side note I would love to see you do a video on Heisenberg!

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