Yoga for Enlightenment – Vibhuti Series : How to be Invisible

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Yoga for Enlightenment – Vibhuti Series : How to be Invisible

A conversation with Deepak Chopra and Eddie Stern

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  1. Thank you so very much.
    May you be free from danger
    May you have mental happiness
    May you have physical happiness
    May you have ease of well being

    • Omg! I was just thinking the same thing. If we are all part of this dream scape why take this “vaccination.” If they are so enlightened and are already deathless why take this experimental medical shot. Truly this is concerning. I meditate on these scriptures as well and my intuition/ spirit says NO!! Someone so knowledgable and scientific I think would want to see more evidence on this mass vaccination campaign. Why so trusting of science when we are discussing the Unmanifested of perfect peace and wisdom.

    • @theophelimity I’m starting to think Deepak is just another schill… Talk about mindless decisions!! We have an immune system for a reason! Glad to speak to someone with some common sense πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ₯°

    • @Lauren Alessandra Collis I agree with you. Just edited my post to clarify more. I love this life but I love the Unmanifested more. Peace and Grace to you my fellow traveler.β™₯️β™₯️

  2. Happy Easter Deepak and Eddie and thank you. This is very interesting and will listen again.
    Makes me think about a story in awareness I’ve once read. It was about 2 shadows.
    One wanted to see another but another one was so scary. It’s a real story.
    The one was running and wanted to hide but couldn’t, there were no walls nor
    anything to hide. At last, she found a kind of place where she thought nobody can find and in this very moment the other appeared just in front of her.
    Don’t see me – she said as order or spell and he went away
    Such a story, I remember to read after from him. He said she wanted to “block” him
    Hm.. and the heart that calms down .. Hm.. Hm ..

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