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  2. Omg this definitely came at the right time although it hurts

  3. My Mom definitely have s STRONG dislike for me. She tries to ruin my business and all. I’ve given her THOUSANDS of dollars and I use to try and spend time with her but, I can’t stand the negative vibe. THANK GOD for my dad

  4. Facts big bro my narcissistic mother hates taking accountability for her actions so I’m on my 3rd time cutting her off but I think this it till she grows up 💯 I called her out on these patterns & she hates my guts &
    Slanders me or calls me disrespectful for trying to have a healing conversation with her . I’m aware of the generational curse started with my grandma cuz my grandma is a narcissist as well so she enabled her into one. I feel so bad for my step dad cuz he unconsciously enabled her as well man he’s such a good guy but now he’s aware of her manipulative/ controlling ways so he’s going through it too .

  5. I clicked so fast…been going through this very thing
    This is for me!


  6. Surprisingly, my mom is actually the only person that truly supports me and believes in me so I can’t be more thankful for that :). Everyone else laughing at me and spitting on my vision tho

  7. This video came right on time. It’s like your a fly on my wall, feel like your talking directly to me.

  8. My mom died when I was 15 years old, but my stepmom to me put a curse on my dad that he ended up living with her because my dad couldn’t pay his own bills.

  9. Narcissistic parents have a trauma / wound. Dont hate. But bring the awareness of love to the table. That’s how you heal the relationship with narcissistic parents. Separation leads nowhere. Love is unity.

  10. Hope you also make a video on why some daughter would hate on their mom, it came to an extent I need to block her as she has become so toxic and always break my heart. She would always ask money from me and when I can’t give it to her she gaslights me.

  11. Thank you so much Tren Genius! I am an adult woman going through unnecessary and unfair treatment with my own mother🤦🏽‍♀️😔? It’s so very sad that mothers can’t be happy for their own blood children? Please keep spreading truth 💯🙏!

  12. My biggest enemy was my own mom too, I AM a victim of my mom, and lost a child too due to what TREN saying.It’s REAL! ! !

  13. My narcissistic mother definitely treats me like this on a daily basis, basically since I came out the womb. I’m 37 and she feels like we’re in competition. She just basically copying my style. I’ve had my nose pierced for 7 yrs now , last month she goes to get hers done. I get a closure with body wave hair, she does the same. I’m just tired of her we got into a nasty argument a few days ago and I was soo mad I told her I hated her. There’s no relationship, no connection with her. I have no feelings at all. I need her out my life. Smh and she be swearing i be talking about her to my friends.😂 I have 000000 friends . What friends??? I definitely feel like I’m cursed by her. Witchcraft is something real.

  14. My dreams are becoming my reality and there’s NOTHING they can do to stop it. ✨🖤🙌🏻

  15. I could talk about this all day…
    Tren’s Spirit always resonates with me and I appreciate the messages. One love.

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