Why You Should Consciously Choose Consequences – Decision Making

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Why You Should Consciously Choose Consequences – Decision Making Want to know more about decision making? In this video, I'll explain to you why should consciously choose #consequences

As a human being, you are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain… Seek the wanted, avoid the unwanted. This wiring governs your #decisions and actions. As with anything, there are upsides to this design and downsides to this design. And one of these downsides can get in the way of life satisfaction as well as success.

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0:00 The law of cause and effect
1:31 Consequences of living off-grid
2:31 Consequences of telling the truth
4:38 Consequences of career choices
4:56 Consequences of swimming in the ocean
5:53 Choose your consequences
9:45 Thank you note

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Want to Succeed? What Pain will you say yes to?

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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  1. I feel like this exactly for me. Thank you Teal that you are helping me overcome a huge 30 year long challenge

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    • @Carlos Paradox thank you! I was thinking the same. So sad… What do these people hope to get out of this?? Very disturbing… Hey you there, you are collecting bad karma!!!
      Thanks Carlos for warning me 😊

  2. We go through different seasons. I’ve lived the rural life and city life. I’m back in the city now. I get my balance by visiting all the parcs and embracing nature within the city or surrounding areas.

    • ^Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d love to introduce you to T.E.X.T ^/

  3. “You will be a student even if you decide not to be a student. If you decide not to be a student, you will merely study another curriculum. In this, you have no choice, for to be in the world is to learn and to demonstrate the result of your learning. Recognizing this, your decision, then, is to determine where you will be a student and what you will learn. This is the power of decision that is given to you.”

    A quote from *Steps to Knowledge – The Book of Inner Knowing* – Step 290: I can only be a student. Therefore, I will be a student of Knowledge.

    • What you learn is what you teach; it is inescapable. Our lives become imprinted by the result of a myriad of choices and decisions, many not even our own. Yet even then, we can take back our power. We can grow, change, evolve. We will no matter what. We decide how. To choose consciousness is to choose awareness. Thank you for sharing this quote and book!

    • I’ll choose it …but what about intuitions, which can not be always right… and studying every step is almost impossible…how can we solve this

    • Interesting but out of the topic for me in regards to what Teal talks about, or maybe I didn’t fully get it.

  4. I can see that this is the reason I’m not fully IN life sometimes. Thanks.

  5. This came at a good time for me as I’m facing a situation at work that this video helped clarify for me. Thank you.

    • ^Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d love to introduce you to T.E.X.T ^/

    • Me as well! I literally just quit. Choosing the consequence of having no money, for who knows how long. But I needed to leave. It hurts. And it’s frustrating. I know there is better. I trust.

  6. Dear Teal, there are many of us who cant handle our controlling, suffocating families in our adult lives. Would you please consider making a video about how to “navigate” parents in our adult life when we do not want to completly break contact with them?

    • Thank You…!!
      Being a Sigma’s Sigma… I understand having to deal with personal actions and how we are affected by these choices.
      Rock & Roll…
      I may not have clinically known all this information, but I sensed and felt it deeply…
      As I grew and learned, I’ve accepted and planned for reactions and feelings as I developed.
      Your information is really needed so everyone is clear with their choices and has no negative judgements on the way situations roll out…
      It’s gonna be what it is…

  7. Omg..sister teal swan..you were a real human and your back story that came acrossed my awakened path a few yrs ago..I’m over joyed to see your beautiful face again..I wondered what happened to you in these few yrs that I haven’t seen you..lol. I Love how beautifully the universe works.you have been an INSPIRATION TO ME🙏🏻 NAMASTE🙏🏻💜🤣😂

  8. Best thing in life 🙂 choosing consequences taking responsibility and moving forward. It feels so empowering. 🙂

  9. I was thinking in the process to falling asleep last night, about Chess, and I told to myself you know those chess players some with two moves ahead some with three, well I might not be a chess player but I see it in my everyday life, not only that I see how most people are not in touch with the impact of playing the game anyway and either discarding the moves ahead and where that leads in any situation and its outcome and others using it in uncanny, unscrupulous ways, I on the other I am happy to play a game of social chess, that puts light where there’s none, and expose dark moves to those about to make one.

  10. I will forever appreciate you Teal Swan. You’ve helped my family a lot,since the pandemic till now your advices and moral lessons are inspirational and helpful to us.
    My husband and I have been able to be minimal, conscious in spending,saving and lnve,sting wisely. We have able to earn on a weekly basis and it helps the family a lot. You’re such a blessing to this generation. We all love♥️😊. I’m so happy to join you today too

    • @Olivia Arnold please if I may ask. Am I free to contact her as well,sorry if I bother you I’m quite interested too

    • @Olivia Arnold You’ve shared so much knowledge on here I’m glad I came across this comments. God bless you ma’am 😊

    • @victoria glasston Lol…you just asked a funny question now. You’re free to text or reach her anyone is free to do so. It’s for your own benefit

    • @Russell Matthews it’s my pleasure to help you and your financial journey will be very awesome. God bless you too 😊

  11. I have been doing this for a while without realizing this was really what I was doing! Thank you so much for putting it in such clear words!

    • ^Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d love to introduce you to T.E.X.T ^^/

  12. Ive been trying to understand why spiritual teachers make their students stop thinking. Ive found that u dont stop thinking but rather the nature of thoughts evolve to something different. When they say stop thinking they mean stop ruminating. When u do, thoughts happen like dreams and they speak to you and show u what is possible. Try focusing on emotions. When u r attuned to what you love, fear, and admire etc and u stop logical thoughts and illogical ruminations and u submit urself to a higher will then u begin to think with what I think might be that third eye people speak of. Dont listen when they say to get rid of fear as fear is in the action of the present moment like when you play a big hand or bluff in poker. Fear makes success more rewarding or exhilarating and it also sharpens ur mind in the present moment better than large doses of caffeine and it also helps convert to rage when u need it. Also dont listen when they say to only think of the present and to forget the past and future as if they dont exist. Ur dreams align everything in a future moment where you play a card in a future present. Foreseeing that present in the past is what gives u power. When that third eye guides u to a future action, in anticipation u will feel every emotion including fear and climaxing in rage and ecstasy. If u do it this way then the consequence is bound to be good and u will be surprised how different your choices will be to when u were thinking with logic alone.

    • ^Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d love to introduce you to T.E.X.T ^^/

  13. Toth taught in The emerald tablets about cause and effect. most people don’t even stop to think that their decisions they’re making on a daily basis will have an effect on their lives they just operate on adrenaline. With no primary focus almost like zombies

    • *Thank you for your interest in working with my youtube channel.I will be in touch by the end of business today to schedule a time to discuss the exciting opportunities a partnership could present.
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    • ^Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d love to introduce you to T.E.X.T ^^/

  14. The issue is when you are stuck in a vicious cycle of being surrounded by bad choices because of the restriction of freedom in the modern world. Wherever I turn there is backlash. And I keep turning so much that I get lost of my direction just to escape the backlash. Trying to face it. Trying to learn. Trying to look ahead. Yet haunted by the backlashes and the panic ensues.

    • You need to invest.
      If you don’t invest, you experience backlashes!

  15. Choosing with full understanding of the negative consequences is called standing in your integrity.

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