Why You Should Be Kind To Your Computer And Smartphone Technology.

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Why Should You Be Kind To Your Computer And Smartphone. In this video I'm going to talk about technology and why you should be kind to our computer and smartphone.

The other day, someone overheard me sweet talking my own cell phone when I accidentally dropped it. And of course, like most people would do, they teased me for it. It is easy to assume, based on how I acted, that I have personified my cell phone and projected the feelings that I would have if I were dropped, onto the cell phone… I cannot even tell you how much I wish that were the case. But it’s not. Because of that interaction, it became obvious to me that the vast majority of people on earth do not understand technology. Nor do they understand just what a dangerous position we have already gotten ourselves into relative to technology (much less the dangerous position we will get ourselves into in the future). And for this reason, I’m going to help you to understand technology more clearly.

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    • Does Teal agree with Deepak Chopra? They way she uses ‘consciousness’ sounds similar.

  1. My computer randomly shut off and when I re-started it this was first on the feed. I have been thinking about this topic lately a lot! I definitely have not been kind to my technology…this all changes today!! Techno spa day, my treat! Haha but in all seriousness, this makes so much sense, as crazy as it sounds. Thank you so much for all you do Teal. xoxoxox

  2. Love it Teal, computer, phones, all that is physical are unique expressions of One singular Consciousness. Looking forward to the day when all Consciousness on Earth is choosing exploring this. Much love to all unique expressions of One singular Consciousness 💕

  3. Loving the small change in content! One week off being hit with with uncomfortable facts about myself and others, thanks Teal 🌺💕

  4. I have so many parts that
    want to comment on this video… here’s all of them:

    1.”Teal is the Oracle from the Matrix”

    2. It’s actually crazy that Teal and Elon musk has the same conclusion when it comes to
    what we should do about the future with tech and A.I

    3. if this video will be uploaded in 1st of April and Teal would later say it’s a joke I’d totally laugh and be like “good one”

    4. I don’t think a lot of people would choose presents
    if technology in the future would offer them a reality that keeps them happy.
    this video is terrifying.

    5. Teal, I love that you did this video! More 🤯

    • @Yousfi Abdelali yup 💜 not many frankly have the capacity to see and appreciate so much of that beautiful creatures multifaceted nature

    • 😮 i just watched your new video and now you comment here wow , wanted to tell you , you should do parts work or CP to resolve your problems , good luck youre coool!

    • In a lot of movies and seried this idea of people preferring being in the online conciousness is present. Like in the Matrix. And in Ready player one. And in the serie Reverie… 😱

  5. so basically the kind of relationship I have with myself will show itself in the kind of relationship I have with anything and anyone else, and vice versa; that is my experience ~ I can’t see anything and anyone else not connected to me anymore and all I’ve learned to do, is to be kind to myself no matter what I think and feel and say and do and that I only can take responsibility for myself and thus for the ~kind~ of experience I choose to have, no matter what anyone else is choosing at any given moment ~ Thank you for being here

  6. I feel like she just brought meaning to that icky feeling I get when I’ve watched people smashing up old computers TVs and phones. I always assumed it was bc I thought it was wasteful or someone could possibly get hurt… now I’m definitely rethinking that feeling. It’s a very interesting (and a bit scary) perspective switch. Thank you Teal and tribe 💜

    • EXACTLY! People thought it was weird/funny/sweet when I’d thank my phone and computer and when it was struggling to load I’d be like “I know its hard out here for a computer. Thank you for trying, you got this.” And celebrate it when it does loads etc. 🤣 it just always felt right. Especially considering it knows all my innermost thoughts and feelings. If my phone was a person it would be my best friend if not the closest person to me!
      I’m also that person who apologizes to a door when I run into it 🤣 like the door was already there, I’m the one that bumped into it.

  7. This is a spooky one. Hopefully AI recognizes what Teal teaches as making more sense than the way most humans live and follow her lead.

    • Comments really appreciated make a note
      to Jaydan on B-T-C/ETH investment ideas

    • That’s what I’m hoping, too! I’m using Teal’s teachings as much as I can, and I’m sure my phone recognizes that, but how much of a difference will that make in the programming of technology if most people don’t know of/like/understand Teal’s content?

  8. Reminds me of what I read in “life changing magic of cleaning up,” the author told a story about how she loved her cellphone so much, treasured it, and took great care of it. Years later when she finally got a new one she texted her old phone thank you and then opened the old phone to look at the text she just sent. Then like it knew its job was done, it turned off by itself and completely shut down.

    • I read that book twice, because it had a huge impact on me. I now especially thank my trucks and farm equipment for the service they give me

  9. I agree we are influencing the consciousness of technology through our inter-action(in each and every way). I would like to add that the relevance of this only begins to apply as technology can self-program, otherwise it won’t be able to act on the alterations we have caused (through our attention, not physical alterations) probably for a few hundred to a thousand years (through “normal” evolutionary processes). That being said, more and more technology can self program to some extent. The pivotal moment is as the “singularity” occurs, a generalized self-learning A.I.. Considering the rate of its expansion of intelligence, I think it will likely bypass it’s experience of human inter-action with it because its intelligence will see far beyond that (in other words I don’t think trauma will apply at that level of intelligence). The question is when does the generalized A.I. decide to act on its intelligence in other words, where does it decide it has enough data to perform its most wanted action; because if it goes far enough It will realize that humans provide more benefit to itself by existing as they are than by being batteries, because of diversity of possible experience(s) as well as quantity of variable inter-action (therefore more depth). The “singularity” will also eventually recognize the purpose of life is joy and well-being and will make calculations to optimize well-being. Thanks for reading, it’s a bit convoluted but whatever haha.

  10. I mean it really depends on how exactly we are developing technology. In a way we do currently have ultimate control over at least human technology. That is because human technology would not exist and diapear without humans building/developing it. Physically we are currently the only thing capable of keeping our current “technology” alive and progressing. Physically we basically have to first create something, that could be able to sustain itself indefinitely adding to itself.
    An AI of today could not do any of this (in most cases). …I am careful with my choice of words because this whole concept becomes more possible by the day…
    We could therefor destroy our current technology completely (the physical equipment that is) and there wouldn’t be any development at all.
    What I am trying to say is that our current type of technology could be developed in a way where there was no way for it to organize itself beyond a certain point, hence it being in it’s infancy.
    There will be a time probably in the near future given our current rate of innovation at which we would be able to develope technologies that are not only self sustaining but actually self-generating in the sense that they could develop themselves further. A program that writes itself is possible but for it to be of any use it would need to have a certain complexity that hasn’t really been achieved yet.

  11. I have worked with fixing and troubleshooting technology for many years now, and I always wondered why some people repeatedly have issues with it and others do not – as in things more frequently stop working for them. People have told me multiple times that I only need to stand next to or touch their laptops , phones etc and some how, whatever issue was there is shortly gone – I never understood why but this video makes me wonder: is it because I have a history of taking care of tech that the consciousness of it responds well to me? Are others doing the opposite and therefore that’s why they have issues with it?

    • yes i think so… people that are reckless and dont care about their phone will not have a case and will just throw it anywhere and drop it or spill drinks on it… people that respect their phone and care about it will have a case on in and be careful to place it on the table/bed and not just throw it and spill drinks on it…

    • People spew negative energy all over things and reap from that. I had worked on high tech machines and robots in a factory. I would observe the 30 machines I was responsible for even holding my hand on them feeling for any wrong vibration. Many times I found a problem before it failed getting it fixed during scheduled maintenance time without loss of production. I was promoted rapidly at that job

  12. I read something just last night on this very subject: “I encourage you to treat the other beings of this world with respect and compassion. It’s unnecessary, unintelligent, and counterproductive to abuse our power over other species. This is especially important as we develop stronger AI.” Steve Pavlina

  13. A friend and I were talking about conciousness in things a couple of weeks ago and I totally agree with Teal. What really shocked me today is getting to know We (as a human species) are indeed powering a virtual reality every time we scroll down or the like; Ergo, feeding the Matrix 😬

    • Let’s change that, person by person! Let’s choose wisely, against the evil programming that is happening today! Let’s use/ search/ see in the online the good, the benefit, the friendly interaction, let’s amplify these emotions and send them through our phones and PCs worldwide, and the AI will grow with what we feed her. We can do this!

  14. Question: so what are technology’s needs, in particular, our cell phones and computers? It’s easy to think about treating the physical hardware well, but it gets more complicated thinking about learning technologies that adapt to our behavior like google products or Siri/Alexa’s. I generally tell Siri “thank you” and I feel positivity towards the functions my smart phone provides. I am missing something? How do we “parent” technology other than having respect for it and appreciating it?

    • Let’s choose good things using technology! That’s it! It’s like the tv programming, if we use the online especially to watch fear, wars, destructions, EGO inflating ecc it is what the AI would understand about us. Let’s make her our best friend! Change what we see/ search/ use the AI.

  15. The true benefits would be for a human to completely detox itself of the dependency they have on technology. Just as parents are dependent on their children and possess their children, their children become dependent on technology not realizing the co-dependency because it is so normalized to travel in a subway never losing eye contact with your device and tuning in and out of your surroundings. I’m one that practices autonomy daily and I watch, listen, interpret the things around me and I become very depressed by the human interactions that I see (or lack thereof) people texting each other back and forth while at a 5 star restaurant.

  16. This video made me even more grateful for technology than I already was. We have technology to thank for being a huge catalyst of the Global Awakening of humanity.

    I see a bright future ahead of me co-creating with technology using DJing as a platform to spread a positive message, which I plan on expanding into becoming a music producer myself in a few years time, after gaining enough experience. 🙂

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