“Why You Keep Seeing 1111” Repeating Numbers 11:11 Hidden Meanings!

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  1. I am sending you 1111 blessings today, just give thanks to receive it.
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    • Numbers are patterns and there are all kinds of patterns in nature and I try to focus on the patterns that cannot be manipulated by ppl

    • Funny the 5g thing my numerology is life path 11 destiny 11 and hearts desire 5 haha 😂 TRUTH

  2. To the person reading this you are the light that radiates a continuous flame even on the days when you can’t see it’s spark. You are the love that grows powerfully as you learn and open up to new strange feelings and ideas. Have faith, be strong, be sweet. You are love WE are ALL ONE 🙏🏾
    ~ Much love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber💜

  3. That’s funny I started to see 111 a lot today and apparently it’s a wake up call or be aware

  4. When your life has no motion or action, negative thoughts can become a distraction!

  5. When your life has no motion or action, negative thoughts can become a distraction!

  6. *11:11* This is a sign that you’re on the right path. Sending love to everyone here. ❤️🌊🐬

  7. Please do a video on when you are receiving various Angel numbers throughout the day ❤️🙏🏼

  8. When you open your first eye you see the world for what it is.

    • When my 👁 opened. It made me depressed!! I realized how meaningless most things are. I realized that the majority of the people’s on this planet complain about meaningless issues. But it also helped me innerstand what’s really important in life. It took a lil bit to bust outa the depression. I realized that people are gonna do what they wanna do and that’s life.

  9. Yes!! I’ve been seeing 1111 for 15 years… I even started seeing them before I realized what the numbers were telling me.

    1111 to me represents how we create our worlds, and how we always have a choice. There’s positive and negative, love and hate, awareness and unconsciousness.

    It’s up to us to create our lives, and when we see these numbers we’re being reminded that we have a choice in how we do so!

    Choose love over hear and hate, and you’ll love the world you create ⚡️

  10. The universe has many languages one of them is numerology question is are you going to listen 💯

    • Dante your very wise man I see you on the comment section frequently keep shining your light

  11. “PEEEEEACE”..
    Thank you thank you thank you

  12. I also quit putting any distinct meaning to this phenomenon. To me if I see a sync it’s just a “hey, you’re good” and keep it pushing. It’s easy to overly obsess about what a sequence of numbers mean. There’s hundreds of meanings for 111, 333, etc but the real meaning should come from how you feel when you see such numbers. No one knows exactly what they mean, just know God has your back and he’s letting you know you’re good.

  13. I used to wake up at 3 every morning at one point in time, the clock would always show 3 or 333.
    Now I’m seeing 1111 1234. 333 444 usually when I’m at work 😎
    Today I was with my daughter… we saw 444 on car and I asked her what the time was… it was 333 😃 today’s true story!! Up up and away baybeeeeeeeeee 🥂🍾💗⭐️🌈🤩

  14. I see 11:11 almost everyday and every time I see this I feel at peace knowing that I am in perfect alignment with the universe 😌✨ I am on the path of becoming my higher self, and it feels so awesome 💪🏽😊💯 Gratitude Ralphie 🙏🏽💜🐺 One love 🌎🌈🌊

  15. when i was telling my friend i was seeing 11:11 all the time and not just the time about 11 yrs now , we were on a road trip to vermont from new york to go see an old friend of are’s . right at the time i was telling him he goes mertz look at the gps , and all the numbers on the gps turned to fucking one’s the destination was 1111111 the elevation was 1111 the time we get there was 11:11 the time it was was 11:11 . i started to see it when i got into sacred geometry and was meditating HARD, every day , and also made up my mind on what i wanted to do with my life and that was make furniture and that was a long road while working my other contracting company but i got there . i still own the company but of course furniture isnt selling right now really nothing is except for necessities and even that is expensive like wood . im good now i accomplished my furniture company dreams made a couple of fine real fine pieces even a chess board and all the pieces , very happy about that one . anyways im doing something else now for money dont really want to tell any of you cause its a good idea i dont want you taking it, anyways 11:11 has showed up alot when im doubting myself on a decision , it kinda has guided me , or let me know whatever im thinking at the time is important take notice . stay good guys dont retaliate dont hit dont lie dont get angry for to long its simple really be the best person you can possibliy be and have direction in your life , youll get it ! STAY GOOD

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