Why You have 0 Friends and Don’t Fit In👁

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  1. If anyones feeling lonely know that as long as you love yourself. Then that’s all that matters. You got this 🙏🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  2. I’ve been a Loner all my life . Florida has all the sun. I can’t stand gloomy weather

  3. Wow that’s crazy I have like 0 friends in the 3D but in 5D spirits make it known that I’m never alone!

  4. Choosen ones dont need Nobody, but everything/one want to be With the choosen ones!!!!🔥🔥

    • I’m a chosen one too yes this video made a lot of sense, so this is why every friend that I ever had disappointed me all my life, if it wasn’t an ego problem it was a gossip or backchatting, yes I’ve had em all, liars and deceivers, I’m glad you reminded me big brother Tren why I don’t need em anymore, you said in a previous video that my dream could be bigger than where I live and that’s the truth, the “friends I always grew up around always joked on me saying one day I will own that building, it’s gon have my name on it. So know I know I’m different,special, one of a kind. Man they gon be shocked to see me drive a Rolls Royce when the president doesn’t even own one, listeeeeeeeeeen I’m a chosen one

  5. Dont need no Confirmation. Loving thyself and putting thyself first in Everything. Real recognize Real. I rather be alone than to be with the fakes thats out there corrupting the world lol

  6. I once heard that’s “it may be lonely at top, but that because it’s too crowded at the bottom”

  7. If a person don’t want you apart of they life just walk away why try make something that’s not there

    • I’m always on my own and l don’t have the need to feel that I should be with someone to make me complete 🔥lm complete on my own tho it’d be nice to have a great partner 🔥

    • @Michelle Herridge Aww that’s a beautiful feeling you and your family continue to be bless

  8. I love being alone I’m actually happier than I ever been 😃 All chains God broken tibia reach my destiny I feel FREE!!!!!!!! 🦅

  9. I live in SYNCHRON, It’s a CITY of LIGHT where only the CHOSEN FEW exist & thrive


  11. This is so true. I’ve been purging family and friends for months. Its so peaceful ✌

  12. “Holding hands in a chain line” 😂😂😂😂 I have never Liked that stuff as a woman. If you don’t get off me, and let my hand go before these nice looking young men think I don’t like men LOL

    • @Desiree LaVerne Yeesss! Lol I was SO uncomfortable when an ex-bestie of mine would do that. I broke loose from that mess every single time lol. It annoyed my spirit too!!

    • @Keisha J I’ve seen that.. it never happened to me but I’ve had ex-friends send me like selfies of themselves standing in mirror and stuff and I’m like wtf

    • @Desiree LaVerne WOW!! I have never had the selfie thing happen. A hot mess, and super backwards

  13. It hurts letting go but it hurts even more holding on to some sh** that means you no good.

  14. Every friend I’ve tried to give a chance to, eventually they start getting jealous or compete with me on every level…I don’t get it. Like go follow the mission God gave you.. oops I guess they don’t have one. So I’m a loner.

  15. A chick I used to be friends with said to me: “you’ll regret letting me go cuz it’s lonely at the top.” My response was: YOU’VE NEVER EVEN BEEN TO THE TOP TO KNOW IF IT’S LONELY!!! My point is if you have to let em go let em go if they leave let em leave in due time what was lost will be replaced with even better at the right time. Keep rising to the top star seeds! I’ll see y’all there. ⭐️ 💫 🌎 💰 ❤️ 😊

  16. Sometimes I feel like I’m a cursed because I don’t really have a friend, but after watching some of your videos I realize how lucky am I. Thank you

  17. The “ego” needs another “ego” to justify itself and actions. When one vibrates with the Uni(one)verse(God) ones being, perspective is higher than 7.5 billion ego.

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