Why Women Like Assholes + Why Women Aren’t Attracted to Nice Guys

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Why women like assholes and why are they not attracted to nice guys. Let's find out why women like assholes in this video I'll talk about the reasons why women aren't attracted to nice guys…

As you know, there is a general feeling amongst both men and women that nice guys are out of luck and have to turn mean if they want a woman, because women like assholes. For those of you who don’t know English so well, an asshole is a guy who is unresponsive to the feelings and needs of others. He is intentionally cruel, obnoxious and heartless. It is the masculine equivalent to a bitch.

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  1. Because the consciousness want it this way for them to heal through some mirrors so they can shed memories and karma, then after when the true self is realised, they will be with the person that is meant anyways cause life is perfect, a nice man can be a leader 😆

  2. That part that you said that we need to integrate the physical rather than transcend it, digged so deep in me!

  3. My dad is one of those assholes many women just find irresistible. Technically, I should have fallen for a similar type since I have all shades of daddy issues-but luckily I didn’t finally end up with one like him but rather a stable, still self confident man who isn’t mean, emotionally unavailable and aggressive.
    Maybe it was just luck. Thank you for bringing the subject up.

  4. awesome video. I’ve always thought about at a young age I need to stop being a boy and become a real leader and this video confirms that. wish I could shake ur hand every upload gets me SUPER excited to learn.

  5. Many of us also had narcissists as fathers so at times if we don’t heal and see that as masculine we can attract the same. My father was a protector and provider to the core I had all the nice things in life which is why I don’t have an issue being taken care of by men which I love BUT he was very controlling and abusive and so all that wealth means nothing when you are treated badly.
    I love a man I can connect with on all levels but not one who has “feminine” traits which are so prevalent in the “nice guy” because I would feel lost.

  6. “fear is the baseline experience for women on earth” now you’re speaking my language haha so sad and so true

    • @VentionMGTOW that’s the sadest thing ever. Your view on woman is so not right. But it’s your choice and if you are happy…good for you. I sense you are not.

    • @VentionMGTOW Right on. All these haters trying to get a reaction out of you are just jealous that you’re a millionaire and don’t have a ball and chain you have to report every detail of your waking life to.

  7. Possibly Teal’s best video yet, if that is even possible, given how she’s put out so much amazing content! Thanks, Teal!

  8. My dad wasn’t the best father. He wasn’t masculine in a positive way, anytime when something is needed to be done in my family my mum had to resolve the issue, because he just wasn’t bothered. However he was very critical about us, calling us, especially me animal names. He was trying to take away my drive from anything, he discouraged me to learn to drive, travel, even to visit a sport club. Thank god my husband is completely different. I have an appreciation towards him what I never felt towards my father (I was always wondering why my mum did put up with my dad). My husband is a boss in our house, but he also encourages me, supports and loves me. Strangely my relationship with my dad improved in the last 10 years, probably because mum died and we realised we have to get on with each other.

  9. Yes, I was left alone with many things by a man seeming “nice”. I had to take almost all the burden. Also in conflicts, I was the one who fixed everything. My body screamed, and I did not know why. He left me, because due to all the wounds and trauma I became very frustrated and angry. Now I know why. Thank you, Teal! I appreciate your work. Greetings from Germany

  10. Single mothers raise more feminine men. The lack of masculine presence in the son’s life makes him more prone to being a “nice” guy later in life. If he had a strong masculine role in his life to guide him, he would step up more and have these masculine traits, instead of gravitating towards women who are in their masculine. Sadly, divorces contribute to polarity flipping, the children who are affected, and the trauma cycle continues.

  11. “when parents or society says we’re teaching our son to be a nice guy, usually what that mean really is we’re teaching him to not to be a man”. This is so powerful. It would be so useful a video about wounded masculine, how to heal and restore it. Thank you Teal, you are so precious.

  12. The world so desperately needs this information right now. It’s like a huge breath of fresh air to hear people talking about this.

  13. This is why it’s easier to be gay than to deal with messed up polarities we have no real role models for or real ideas of how to fix

  14. any guy who says that “women only like jerks/abusers so I’m going to be that” is already a jerk/abuser, they just haven’t dated anyone yet

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