Why we can be optimistic

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Certain paradigms are dying at this point in our evolution because they're destroying themselves. Today, we have all these underlying issues that are breaking to the surface that can be healed now. This was not possible about 30 years ago. We are in a powerful time where these old paradigms are dying for something new to emerge. Are you ready?

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  1. Thank you for specifically mentioning “dictatorship”. That’s what scares me the most these days. But Love & Light will always win, because it’s the only Real thing. 😊🙏💚

  2. I’m fortunate that I came across a magazine over 10 years ago with you on the cover. I was enjoying the article while I sat at the Friendship Center in Los Angeles. A friend walks up and sees what I’m reading and he became so so very excited 😁. He suggested I visit at the time you were located near Slauson Ave. So glad I listened 💘

  3. Michael, you talk about enlightenment, but you do not talk about any antonyms for it. You do not talk about it’s antithesis. But to synthesize enlightenment, you need both thesis and antithesis.

    For me, one antithesis to enlightenment is reductionism. The goal of reductionism is to collapse multidimensionality; to reduce multi dimensional problems into one dimensional solutions: true or false, good or bad, yes or no. Could you please discuss dimensionality in your postings?

  4. Thank you Rev. Michael, for the reminder of the beloved progressive universe. Perfect prompt to start my new year with. Many fine blessings to you and Agape Nation. 💚

  5. Thank you Dr Michael for helping us live in a positive and enlightened energy! Thanks for sharing the truth about God’s Love for us! Sending love and peace! Happy New Year!

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