Why Valuable Things Require Development Over Time

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Why you must make long-term investments if you want to create things which are of massive value. The mindset you need to for long-term investment in yourself.

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    • @riatsile Well where did you pull that? From the random deepak chopra quote generator? (I didnt say all is misery. But it’s enough to be anti life if there is more misery than non misery is all…Life is tilted towards misery.)

    • @riatsile Sure if life is misery then death is joy. That’s why I am pro death. Simple logic. I aint like overcomplicating things…

    • youtube.com/watch?v=eyzWz8mpMM8&t=875s nature is human nature (4)(5), all observable forces river from thought structure = light has a structure and ve are forever in it, vhere death is a vave-collapse from the ether (9090)

  1. Stay open to probability and work persistently to convert those possibilities into probabilities

    -Much love from a growing YouTuber 🙏🏽

    • Remember this. Anything imagined is possible if the conditions to make it so becomes reality.
      Throughout our existence, what once was thought true becomes false, and what assumed to be wrong be right.
      Which means nothing in our reality is always to be considered true or false. It’s all a matter of balancing the duality.

  2. This is literally the idea that I’ve been thinking endlessly about for about one year

  3. I definitely found this to be the case in my life . Most people want to manifest things “instantly” into their life . Not saying that this kind of manifestation cannot happen , but the truth is that for all the amazing things I’ve ever manifested in my life , it wasn’t about “getting it as fast as possible” , it was about slow and steady daily habits . Whether that was daily meditation , or staying consistent with my diet over a long period of time, or posting daily videos on YouTube , all the things that I’ve manifested took DAILY and CONSISTENT action . It’s not about “working hard” necessarily, although sometimes it can be “hard” (depending on how much you’re in resistance) , but just a CONSISTENT energy over time. This is what I’ve found to be the most powerful thing to change my self at an IDENTITY level . Great video Leo ! Much Love 🙏

    • Meeeh watch out being consistent in foolishness is the greatest detriment. (Dont even get me started on how I know it…what you say is a double edged sword for sure and only applicable if you know with 100% surety that what you do is right which you cannot ever really know tbh…I like to go by “feel” these days. Like for example I know I should get to work and finish my electric motorbike build and be consistent with it but if I am honest not one of the cells in my body wants to do that 💩 as of now so I dont…)

    • Also would you say that you dont want instantly manifesting air? See! What follows from your logic is that it would be a better world if we had to work for air slowly and steadily and suffocate for most of our days while not having it. Instant manifestation is what could end all our sufferings. It’s just logic. When you have something in infinite abundance it stops being a cause for suffering. Very much like air…To me your whole writing translates to:”I loooove suffering”

      My first thought was when I entered this hellhole reality:”how the fck is that I cant get what I want by just thinking about it? It’s so so so unjust that I cant conjure up anything I want instantly and having to work for it like an idiot. This must be hell.” I remember crystal clear.

  4. When I see Leo posted a new video on Sunday, I’ve never clicked so fast, this channel is the only thing helped me going through this never ending lockdown in Australia, thanks Leo ❤

    • Truly a fucked up situation we are in. I wish the best for you through this time.

  5. “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy 💪🏻🚀

  6. now i’m only 19 and have been watching Leo and doing this work for a bit over a year now and holy crap already i have transformed my life and am starting to see what i could become in 10 or 20 years with this work. i just want to say thanks for challenging me to think for myself at this young age.

    • What practices have you been doing/ how long per day? And what have you noticed?

    • Yeah even I want to know that , I’m 20 I’ve recently discovered this channel

  7. “The word of the day is process. Process, oddly enough, it’s the synonym for center. It is because it is, and no, it can’t be otherwise, because then the world would be redundant and that’s the only way the world isn’t.” – Me 😊

  8. I tried to go to college with no qualifications, having to start at a level way below what i could have taught and the whole thing was draining, every little thing would go against me just trying to attend, felt like i was being trolled by unseen forces but it wasnt the path for me. I was working towards something for a long time before i even realised it, its a software project based around my passion, and you will appreciate the time it can take to learn and build something good in this area. I thought i messed up my life by throwing away school despite excellent academic potential but at the time I didnt have any vision for what i wanted to do. I didnt find it until 10 years later in my mid 20s and while im a loser in the eyes of society right now, i have come so far in my project and i believe within the next few years in my mid 30s that it will finally payoff. The hard part is there is no tangible return until its done, i dont think everyone is built for that.

  9. Anything that’s worth having or knowing involves dedication, practice, and sacrifice; the Chinese have a term for this concept: kung-fu. The best way to tell if someone applies this in their endeavors is how “easy” they make whatever it is look.

  10. This channel goes through a full circle now, it’s going back to the basic self-help, but it’s much more improved which people actually need and now Leo can talk from a lot of years of experience with no bullshit.
    Thank you! ❤

  11. I can’t explain how much I appreciate your work and your personality.. you’re amazing Leo, thank you for everything.

  12. Every single positive aspect of my life has been achieved following this idea and will continue forward with the same “simple” mindset. A lot of it thanks to Leo and this channel. My journey didn’t really start before I was 32 years old, so quite late depends on how you look at age. Looking back, it’s interesting to notice how it very slowly snowballs into a better existence over time. Very logical if you think about it, how can there be any other way?

  13. “This is the only way,” he says of the spiritual problem while suggesting action on the level of effect.
    Yes, you have to act out this lesson in order to avoid being a fool, but learning the true essence of love allows you to know why you’re acting, and why it matters.

  14. “If you’d actually do the fucking work.” There’s “Old Leo” making an appearance through ego talk. He’s been quiet lately. Congrats on your overall development!

  15. The lack of patience and discipline is exactly what the Get-Rich-Quick Gurus and MLMs prey on. “Just buy my course / follow my super simple step by step system and you can be successful”. As an artist, I know what it’s like to be frustrated and impatient. Sitting by a desk for hours honing my skills, feeling my back ache and my butt get numb, lol. And still I feel like I’m not good enough. Because I’ve wasted so many years not actively drawing daily, because I believed that I would eventually figure out my life purpose…somehow. Then I realized that it was always Art. Hence the impatience and frustration. But all one can do is to commit, and make every day count from that moment on. Because you can’t change the past no matter how much you stress about it.

    • Yes. We never learn how to protect ourselves from these predators in life because these same predators are the ones who feel in our family members, teachers, politicians, and “experts” it’s scary when you think about it.
      We have to learn patience.

  16. Yayy a longer one. So grateful for all of these. You can’t consume these vids without changes to your perception/life.

  17. “If your plan is for one year, plant rice.

    If your plan is ten years, plant trees.

    If your plan is for one-hundred years, educate children.”

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