Why Leadership Matters NOW

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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  2. I never went to uni instead I traveled and worked across the world for 7 years in various countries and it was the best education I ever invested in.

  3. That’s what i have been fighting to learn and i am struggling to let it flow in to some areas of my work place . I have noticed where it shows up as a weakness in my last 4 senior supervisory INTERVIEWS for roles that I’m qualified for i just can’t convince them that i can lead. I have been working on it more than 2 yrs as its not coming naturally.

  4. You can even
    Read “Habit of winning” written by Prakash Iyer , it’s the best book on
    leadership i have read .

  5. I love Keith. another leadership teacher i love is Brene Brown as she also touches vulnerability.

  6. I thinking about how I am be good leader? I find ur video thanks vishen sir

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