Why is the World so Divided + How to Create Unity in Today’s World

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Why is the world so divided and how to create unity in today's world – First we have to understand why this world is so divided. Once we know that, we can create unity in today's world.

It doesn’t take a genius to look at the world today and to see just how divided people are. Relative to almost every subject, there are concrete sides. This creates a dramatic polarization. That polarization fuels division and war. Especially because so many of these #polarizations that exist today are about fears, insecurities and therefore deeply held values. So, what do we do if we want #unity in the world?

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Video References:

The Value Realization: 1:36

The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality: 2:35

AND Consciousness (The Modern Day replacement for the Middle Path): 5:15

What is Love: 8:19

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  1. I believe in a vision of a planet where we are all united and helping one another. Thank you Teal for this reminder 🙏🌌🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  2. I would love to have unity, but I don’t see how that can happen when so many don’t understand this stuff you described. Everyone is too busy hating everyone. Ugh

    • Nothing wrong with hate as long you don’t oppose that feeling. No feeling or action hurt you(or others). You only hurt when you reject and go against your own feelings. I hate the whole world and all people(misantroph), but I am happy because I embrace the hate in me, I don’t judge it.

  3. Teal Swan is a gift to humanity. Her wisdom and love give her insight to absolut truth. I can’t thank her enogh for sharing with us, the sheeps..

    • I can’t find her high vibration and integrating energy more distinctive at this point in my life than I ever felt them to be. Such a blessing to humanity that she speaks to everyone in the group of human beings as a whole like no one does. 🙏❤️

  4. There’s no 12am without 12 pm. As different as they are to one another, they rely on each other to exist and are actually the same.
    Shout out to all my midnight people/animals.

  5. So essentially we need to integrate the parts/people that we have fragmented from. As within, so without

  6. The world is divided because of social media. Life has become an endless high school filled with bullying, narcissism and pettiness. Stupid ideas are allowed to propagate like a virus overnight.

    • @JadedGems No. It’s been like this since democracy was introduced, but social media is like rocket fuel for the conflict.

    • Social media made it worse but didn’t cause this the patterns where in place long ago we are just dealing with the repucusions of years of manipulation and smoke screen, there is choice starts with individual.

    • @J Jay Yeah, I think internet became a threat to the mainstream media and they suddenly increased the manipulation a lot because of that.
      I have stopped following msm since they no longer try to inform me just fool me.

    • This is what I’m wondering, too. Because not only is it sometimes not obvious what the other person’s fears are, it’s not always possible — often IMpossible — to have a sit-down with them about fears and invalidation, etc. So do you just sort of wing it from your side, guess what the other person’s fears are, adjust your behavior and hope for the best, with no participation and possibly even a negative reaction to it by the other party? That could have really unpleasant outcomes, it would seem.

  7. Good video. Though the issue with this is that when you be this and all the others around you are not being this or are too unintegrated/unhealed to be this, it doesn’t work. This only works if both people (or all people involved) are willing to and do do such. Otherwise it is an uphill one sided battle that never ends.

  8. Teal forgot about person “C”, who does everything they can’t to keep “A” and “B” at odds in order to control them both.

    • Person C fearmongers person b into imposing rules on person A so that they can feel safe. Person a becomes resentful and rebels further making them into the monster person B believes them to be

    • Exactly. The master minds of this division. If they stop splitting us in two for their benefit, love and unity will arise automatically with no effort. The manipulators pulling the strings are the real problem here.

  9. Choose love, right… Well I love freedom.
    And also, what happens if one person tries to understand the other, but the other doesn’t care.

  10. I swear I think Teal is reading my mind.
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to navigate these different value systems in realities and it’s really difficult sometimes. However I think if you follow Teal she’s been laying the groundwork for years to help us understand our current world. We need more love and compassion. 💕

  11. After the last year, how many of you out there , have noticed that members of your own family are no longer part of your reality? 😕

  12. This is exactly what’s needed in today’s climate 💯💯. Thank you, Teal 💕💕

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