Why God Forgives Devilry & Evil

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Why God does not punish evil and selfishness. A deep explanation of the logic of forgiveness and love.

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  1. Recently had a love awakening and was like , “damn , Leo was right “ , the awakening to love is powerful ! I feel very grounded in my core values and what my heart really wants but at the same time I’m appreciative of the world at divine levels , so the love awakening is definitely something to be grateful for. Thanks Leo!

    • I’m gay and whenever I have sex with a handsome man I experience love awakenings and it feels so good.

    • I’ve had the love Awakening. A Jesus level. But I guess I didn’t integrate it. It was only an experience. And a fleeting one at that. I wish I could have stayed in that love forever. But in order for one to understand the darkness. One must become the darkness. I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew.

    • @Cloud Ryder man himself is limited we live with the law of thermodynamics, the whole universe is going from order to chaos. This universe wasn’t made to fall apart but we fell away from the truth and wanted to be god ourselves but we are not capable of that, man will never have the complete answer only coherent answers. Repent your sins and accept Jesus as the true example and lord and when everything is redone you can live again in a new body. And not have these struggles sin has brought us “Corinthians 15:51 Look! I tell you a sacred secret: We will not all fall asleep in death, but we will all be changed,”

  2. Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil, fear not the evil. -The Devil and God

  3. “If you think you’re ‘Sarah’ or you’re ‘John’……”
    Hey man have you been watching terminator series recently?

  4. I was just thinking today about how I can stop being annoyed with fools and to forgive their ignorance.

  5. I don’t want to accept the evil in me. But by not accepting the evil in me I create more of it. I just wish more people understood. What we’re really doing here. The self perpetuation of this suffering. By judging what we don’t understand. By slapping a label on it. The world needs to be rehabilitated. Not punished. This Karma game has gone on long enough.

    • I am here bro an I see it in you an me..it’s just God is so beautiful it’s hard to see it’s love through the labeling

  6. So the ego mind is fouling people so much that even the “highest and most noble things” like having children are simply survival agenda. If people could realize we’re all the same there wouldn’t be any need to have chilfren at all

  7. My selflessness is going to get me killed. Literally. In a world full of selves. It was dangerous to come to this planet. I knew the risks. But LOVE for outweighed them. Nothing can compare with infinite LOVE.

    • @Josoly Hi! Ja, schon seit Jahren. Muss ja auch mal besser werden 😉

    • I love your proper capitalization on the L in the Leo’s Love for Truth, first love lowercased for your general admiration.

    • @Cold Corpse sorry, ist from german Language, but I am suprised about that. Thank you!

  8. Doesn’t seem like anyone could possibly understand me but Leo. But there are other entities out there that will understand. I am other entities. You are not alone in this universe. Transcend Duality. Achieve peace. Like. Actual PEACE. Not a human construction of what you think peace is.

  9. this sorta stuff you talk about is on point.. I recon these are your best talks

    • If god can forgive anyone when they regret, every human should be able to do the same

    • But true, if you can‘t forgive yourself you won‘t be forgiving towards others

    • I have the shortcoming of forgiving everyone BUT myself. The final frontier.

  10. Knowledge of the TRUTH eliminates all guilt. All That Remains is LOVE.

  11. My anger has just been ignorance this whole time. And with my ignorance goes my anger. And goes my suffering

  12. People are going to be talking about this. All it takes is one. One match to start a fire. I’m Fanning the flames. Let the world be burned. Purified by LOVE

  13. “Losing your mind” largely has to do with contradiction between beliefs/ identity and being confronted with absolute Truth.

  14. Listening to this while playing chess, and I managed to sacrifice most of my pieces and walked the enemy king to my half and delivered checkmate. Got into a nice flow.

  15. There’s so much cognitive dissonance when people say that God is infinite but that you’re not God. 🤣

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