Why Everything You Know About Money is Wrong – and how to fix it! The Secret’s Joe Vitale

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While the law of attraction has value, if you don't know the secret to money, then The Secret (no matter how powerful) won't work.

It's all about your money mindset.

Joe Vitale went from homeless to a multi-millionaire once he understood this.
And in this special episode he shows you how to do the same.

Topics include:

* What's wrong with the way your'e viewing money.
* What's a money mindset.
* How to go from feeling worthless, to feeling like a millionaire.
* What's an up vs. down mindset
* How to change your thoughts about money
* What's an abundance image
* How to Nevillize money (Neville Goddard)

By the end of this show, you'll have a new perspective for money, and powerful new tools for drawing more wealth and abundance into your life!

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  1. Good old Joe V. From the movie and the book The Secret. Joe understands the law of attraction in a way that many people don’t. Because Joe just like all the other powerful people today in the New age movement understand the value of connecting and refining with the work of Neville Goddard…

  2. *Get ready for a “Supercharged” , “Empowered” , “Masterpiece” of “Divine Proportion” Tonight With “Dr. Joe V.”….!

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