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  1. Carry myself different then most. I used to do what regulars due but the more I started to change, the less people started to show love. The same ones that once stayed in my face to keep sucking my energy now “disappeared but watching and being soooo undermining.” Facts!

  2. That resonate with me I been through it another way of favouritism been there plenty times especially family

  3. Whenever you read stories of famous people they always grew up getting treated badly by average people and then when the became famous other famous people welcomed them with open arms as if to say thisis your new family tribe of high vibrational famous people

  4. It’s like people don’t want anything to do with positive people if you ain’t hating,gossiping, or not improving they want nothing to do with you🤦🏽‍♂️💯

  5. I see when they do it bro , my spirit always know what people are up to . At this point it’s hilarious . I put it in Gods hands , they always fall in the long run

  6. I have been going through that thing for years and I am a good person . I don’t care any more about them and what they are saying I know my worth they all want to be me💎🙏 smile 😃 God only made one of me blessed love bro keep up the good work God bless

  7. This topic hits home . You know it happening to you when you start thinking to yourself “what’s wrong with you” , why you aren’t liked by others, and you may even feel like ur cursed/bad luck. This is so real man .


    Bless the channel Starseed: ( $Trenius11 )

    • Thank you big bro I swear every time I go someplace everybody ignoring me and I sometimes in the only dark-skinned person in the room

    • yes all the time I been downplayed because of my aura and looks until they actually have a conversation now I’m too smart so they really have to bring me down in order to feel adequate yikes 😱

  9. I almost shed tears when I saw this video ,at work people told lies on me 1 female that was trying to speak to me and I wasn’t interested in her so she decided to tell the manager how I threatened her and I know where she lived and I got let go then this plandemic happen a few weeks after ……. I just want to live my life with out these low vibrational people trying to get in my way with foolishness .

    • I was just about to post something like this how do we survive if we depend on jobs it’s kind of overwhelming to be a targeted individual you tend to attract the wrong people sometimes who want to destroy you

  10. somebody just cussed me out & Im very confused why. this video came right on time cuz now I’m bout to just Ignore It

  11. Literally had some of these experiences happen yesterday smh. Thank you Big Brother Tren I use think I was being over sensitive, but really people be trippin.

  12. That is so true almost everything you said be happening to me for years people be trying to make me feel like it’s something wrong with me or like I’m not that important and I don’t even be doing nothing wrong to them but treating people right this is confirmation thank you Jesus Lord you are worthy to be praised

  13. Tren G! I love you because I was just lecturing my 11 year old daughter about this less than one hour ago. God is speaking to us star seeds and chosen ones. I told her about a situation that happened to me at work where I was treated different while I was pregnant (and I did not do anything wrong to the people I worked with). She thought what I was saying was unbelievable.

  14. Man this been happening mi whole life. Everybody forget about me, even prior I started acting up as a teenager. I’m grown now and it still happens, mfz count me out.

  15. If it’s perceived as ignore, naw just protecting my energy. Vice versa, get from them, find better energy.. I have learned.

  16. This consistency hitting different Tren💯 it really be your own parents/family sadly 🤧. I don’t even take it personally anymore but it hurts. Best friends closest friends as well. My mom and dad get food for everybody in the house everyday and I’m stuck eating ramen or eating out then they apologize like they didn’t know I was home almost daily or ask if I’m hungry but don’t even make a real effort to fix it, it’s honestly funny/sad at this point. Like I real life don’t exist. Used to it at this point fr.

    • I understand this too ~ I am just recently realizing the truth of this and it is hard 💜

    • @Sarah It really is hard, but we’re strong individuals and we will get through it. All we can do is live on faith and cope with whatever mechanisms we use stay strong. Always work to put yourself in a better position never stop working we can’t sulk in till the nighttime but even then we gotta know we were destined for greatness. Find happiness and find a way to smile. Get out the house go watch a new movie that came out. Be your own best friend and flourish with your bright star-seed light. In the end we will have the last laugh but not out of spite but in self rejoice.

    • Bruuuh here is the same idk if you see it but you don’t get hungry that much and if you eat 3 spoon and drink water you gonna be good they don’t have a heart like ours but love them from far away

  17. People think just because they leave you out that’s gonna bother you 😂😂😂 I have a relationship with the universe I don’t need yall

  18. Yes this is SO true. Most times they’re jealous. Its very sad. They’re not going to stop anything. We’er still going. UP !☝

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