Why AM I Here? Discover Your LIFE PURPOSE! Michael Sandler

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If you're feeling stuck or lost, you're not alone. But it doesn't have to be this way.

This time period is making people more confused than ever–but spiritually, it's for a reason, to help elevate your consciousness, and take your life to a much higher level.

That's right, this time period is here to serve you, ONCE you learn how to surf the energies, and turn then into powerful, positive fuel.

In this video, you'll learn how to use this fuel, and discover the unique purpose, path, and direction, intended for your life.

Topics include:
1. What "stuck" really means, and how we can use it.
2. What's the "nexus" of your life, and how to tap into it.
3. What's the through-line or through-put, and how it can help guide you into your future.
4. The one thing you need to know to discover your purpose, and path in life.

So come join us for this extra-special, purpose-revealing show, where you'll learn the tools to begin taking powerful steps forward in your life!

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  1. I was told years ago by an internationally known psychiatrist that we have no purpose. Years later I am still in the midst of answering this question. I still have not found the answer. Is there too much emphasis placed on this idea?

    • Honestly I think our sole purpose is to be true to our authentic selves and that is our purpose. I would see what resonates with you and trust what you feel to be the truth. Thank you for watching!

    • My thoughts on the idea that we have no purpose are built on life experiences. Although the psychiatrist may be internationally known and I mean no disrespect, but I he/she is wrong.

      Three times in my life when I have been at risk of danger or in distress I have been shown incredible kindness by an individual who could have just passed me by. They had a purpose, even if they only showed this kindness once in their lifetime they showed it to me at a crucial time. Purpose does not have to be a big bold act, if it was we could search for ever.

      We may drift along in life but look to the sides of the path we are taking, see the richness that has been placed there due to the kindness and purpose of strangers.

  2. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, but I feel like I’m gaining momentum for whatever my launch point is going to be in the future. Does that make any sense? I really enjoy your channel. I have cerebral palsy. Thank you for your content

    • It does make sense and thank you for sharing John! SO happy you are enjoying our channel, much love!

  3. So thankful to all those who helped u when u had the nde experiences. To help u get back to health and life .

  4. I have done SO much to find my purpose and souls “job” here…I am 47 and still searching. Thank you for this 🤗

    • Don’t worry you are right on track exactly where you are supposed to be.

  5. Thanks so much for all you both do. Ive been following you for over a year and wonder why you are leaving that retreat center? You might have mentioned it but I don’t remember the story. Are you just going on a long trip or completely moving?

    • Hi Gwen, The retreat center was only for the winter. We are completely moving, taking it on the road in our RV!

  6. Thank you Micheal and Jessica. Love you guys. I have learned and received so much. Sending you both ❤️ and 🌟!

  7. Thank you Michael. I do not find visualization easy but your meditation was so clear I managed to build and ‘play’ the dream catcher. It helped me feel part of that circle even though I am watching this after recording. I felt so happy, it really put me in a good place.
    I may be wrong but I sensed you had a dip in energy, unusual for you, I hope you are taking care of yourself as you do seem to be working so hard lately, lots of video’s which is good for us but please take care of your own energy levels. Much love.

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