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  1. No matter who you vote for, don’t forget you are the creator of your reality. You are a piece of God. No one can stop you from your dreams but yourself! Infinite love to you guys ☘️🙌🏽

  2. EXACTLY TRENIUS THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING! The spiritual community has been attacking me for telling the truth about these conspiracies! They forget that they still live in this physical reality. It’s all a trend this “WOKE” stuff. People need to stop being sheep 🐑

    • Boy you are smart🙌🏾 ima Turn on some AC for you. Claim they “woke” and still sleep. Exactly, you still have to bend physical reality with spirituality.

  3. I believe we should always remember that we are the ones that are the leaders of our own life. No matter who wins we must remember to govern ourselves

  4. Please as Tren says “Speak up and let your voice be heard.” So this by voting. Whoever you vote for let your voice be heard. This country is depending on it. Be safe and be vigilant and stay prayerful. This is a spiritual battle ya’ll. Stay safe.

  5. The game is rigged. Just to keep the human species divided. It’s called divide and conquer for a reason

  6. I believe that people need to vote for themselves at the end of the day. We spend so much energy on politicians who we don’t even know. There will always be separation between democrat and republican. Never let someone make you feel bad for not voting or wanting to vote!! Love your realness tren!!! ❤️🙏🌈👑

  7. In God We Trust- just for abortion alone- our women and men don’t love themselves enough. Giving our bodies away. Out here living for the flesh.Misusing our creative powers. Creating babies and killing them Bc of our own selfishness. We are a piece of God man. Sacred holy . We need to get back to our core values. Marriage honor respect. Bible 💫🙏🏼

  8. Tren your words are powerful and real I am not from your country but we are feeling it, your country is the head of a lot of nation for the past couple of years am afraid to travel to your country because I see so much racial violence.

  9. A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris. Equal to the end of our country as we know it! TRUMP 2020!

  10. This election is soooo important and I’m so sad that I’m still seeing ppl who aren’t going to vote because they’re so “high and mighty”. You’re right, this has been the scariest most tension filled 4 years of my life. If you’re so “woke” then you’d understand that Trump has been the reason for all of this. I tell people all the time , this isn’t about republican vs democrat .. it’s about good vs evil. Trump is evil spirit and he is trying to divide us !! I just hope enough ppl let their voice be heard and voted today cause his supporters sure did.

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