What’s Coming Next in 2021 – MUST WATCH! Mind-Blowing Fall ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS Dr. Michael Lennox

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Exhausted by 2021? Wondering if the fires, floods, and viruses will EVER end?

Dr. Michael Lennox, who predicted the virus and turmoil of the last two years has profound words to share for the remainder of 2021, and how you can EVEN find light at the end of the tunnel.

You'll learn about the latest astrological challenges, key dates, when to build, when to hide, key retrogrades, and what you can do to surf the energy of this time, potentially turning it into a positive.

Dr. Lennox has been seen internationally on many television shows, beginning with the Sci Fi Network’s The Dream Team and has also been featured on numerous network and cable television venues including NBC’s Emmy award winning Starting Over, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady show and many others.

Tune is as we talk all things 2021, what it’s given us, what it’s quote on quote “Taken” from us, and what 2022 may be holding in store for us!

Make sure to listen through this episode, there are a TON of insights to take that will turn your current viewpoints on the struggles of 2021 upside down!

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  1. Oh wow!!! I’m loving this so much :):)
    Have fun cleaning that room Sir!
    Who knows what will happen next 😉

  2. Great show as usual. Love Dr. Lennox…yeah for his Podcast….React in love…we will get there and all this will pass. Thanks Michael and Jessica

  3. I’m so thankful for the time I had during the timing of the pandemic. Had it not been, I would have lost it! It was serendipitous!

  4. Love it. Great discussion both of you. Best advice deepen our practice. Raise our vibrations and look forward with excitement because we will get through to better times. Let’s focus on service to others rather than service to self. Find your joy and amplify it, and my two cents worth practice gratitude. Thank you very much. Blessings

    • Suffering in Anxiety…….. I KNOW I HAVE Abundance of JOY & am grateful for my blessings , but the FEAR ( in my mind) overtakes my Feeling Joy..,,,,,( & I’m a germaphobic during a Pandemic 😥)……….Just searching INSIDE me for My PEACE………

  5. It would be interesting to hear the predictions of one without personal/political bias. White people need to speak with white people? The various colors in my life have more unity in the knowledge that we are all strong as we stand united. As an officer in a prison, know that there have been more conversations there that have united us in the knowledge that we are all being manipulated when we look for answers in fear. Stay strong in the power of love. Stay united as a PEOPLE, not ever classified by color, sexual orientation, pronouns, neighborhoods, or countries…but as the souls made of love that make us one. Peace to us all 💞

    • Hi S B. It’s a great point, but everyone has a bias. We can do what we can to take a higher perspective, and view things from the upper room. That’s what Michael and I are doing, One cannot change the color of one’s skin, but as a good jewish boy, talking with a gay astrologer, I think we’re doing what we can to bring the most inclusive perspective we can into the conversation :O). Sending much love your way, and thank you for bringing all the light and love you can into the prisons, the conversation, and the world.

    • I Love JUST that he fact You understand we are ONE……& you are a Prison guard, lol… May MANY MANY MORE come to your realization🙏🙏🙏❤️🙏🌿🌻

  6. Hello. I see you are channeling and learning about the Kyballion. I am interested to have a conversation with you. I understand what is happening from an interesting perspective as a photographer. 🔮

  7. LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way towards that happiness and freedom for all” 💚👽🛸😻🐶🐄🐷🐔🐳🐬🦜🦚🍀🍄🌎

  8. Great interview! Just a quick comment on why I prefer to think of the mirror pool as liquid mercury over liquid silver – Mercury has the reputation of being a shape shifter, endlessly mobile and that is what is precisely what is needed for a miracle change to happen in one’s life. Mercury is also the deity of the manifest, of the physical in its Virgo energy – again, perfect for creating miracles. And, of course, the deity of communication – so communicating the idea and truth of a miracle, of new form. Also, while I was listening to this this morning, exactly at the moment you were discussing Mercury and the mirror pool, a song came on with “miracle” in the title. 🙂

    • Thank you for this info, it is really interesting! So grateful!

  9. You two are my spirit guides and Jessica too! Keep the Love and Wisdom coming. Shine On!

  10. As parents at 41, my husband had another marriage and a child at 31, too, I know how much more ready we were, and I’m quite sure our son’s soul’s journey included a decision to be in our family and to have us as parents. We are all learning and awakening together! Thank you, this is excellent.

  11. I cant wait till the next show! So fantastic, as i was flipping though your book AWE, i turned to the pledge on page 218. My world is changed for the better ❤❤

  12. You’re the best! Keep shining and help lighting our path! Two wonderful,amazing, creative men
    Such a joy to see you both having this conversation!

  13. I find it interesting that he thinks race issues are the major conflict now when people of all colors and backgrounds are being marginalized as they fight against medical tyranny and stand for personal sovereignty. That’s the major conflict I’m observing right now.

  14. Q: how are the Starship Enterprise and toilet paper similar?
    A: they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons 😂

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