What You Most Need to Know Right Now! ✨💜Pick A Card💜✨

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Hear the message from Spirit you need to know now!

Pick a card; 1, 2, or 3… Or just enjoy the entire reading and see which parts you resonate with most

If you would like to jump ahead… You can do so here:


Group #1: 1:51
Group #2: 9:02
Group #3: 18:04

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Two decks of Oracle Cards for this Intuitive Reading, they are:

1. Ascension Angel Cards:

2. Cosmic Dancer Oracle:

Ready for more? Listen to a FREE Angel Meditation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHtwyn_z4lI

Or Cleanse your energy and reset into higher light here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzKXDbJDK3s

Watch another Pick A Card Reading here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TviPTRV1htc

Have a wonderful, beautiful right now…

With love and bright blessings,



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  1. Thank you so much! I needed a sign at this point in life! I’m going through my hardest time of this year and I am so grateful that you’re always here to brighten my path! Thank you for all! ❤️

  2. I love how you start the video out with Hey Earth Angels! You always send good vibes! 🙏🙏

  3. Thank you so very much, fantastic messages, you are amazing & much love my friend ❤

  4. Pile 2 – Thank you so much for this message! It came right when I needed it. I have really needed a good cleansing and I now know how I’m going to spend my Saturday. And I also have a spirit guide that is always dancing and coming to me and mediums I’ve worked with that way. So I absolutely loved seeing that in the message too. Thanks for sharing your light in this video!

  5. Today i woke up feeling that i need to dance more, and 44 is my number. I choose 3: so master the dance :). Thank you so much ❤️ ✨

  6. I love and resonate with all 3 of them!! Thank you! Your messages are perfectly timed!

  7. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you 🙌🏽✨💫 You are always enlightening and your videos are uplifting my Soul every time I tune in 😇 I’ve picked #3 and your reading is spot on with what’s been happening in my present time. Sending you positive vibes Earth Angel 🙏🏽

  8. Oh my goodness! Thank you, Melanie!
    Thankful for you and this video.
    Have a fantastic day 💗🙏💫💯

  9. I found myself smiling throughout the whole video because the energy you radiate is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the gift of your knowledge!

  10. You’re so in tune with the energies !!! I was gonna spend the day writing out everything and I picked number 3. Spirit told me to go look at your videos and it was 25 mins posted 🥰🥺 ty

  11. Wow 🤩 I told a coworker today, that I love to dance because I love music. I love to laugh and I laugh loud. I feel so connected to my Angels. When I meditate I get tickled and I have to tell myself ok let’s get serious.

    I feel good.
    Thank You

  12. r u going to have a vid on what people experienced after this gargantuan meditation and meditations coming up on the 21st dec soltice thank you!!!

  13. Excellent advice! I love the way you read totally intuitively! You were so gifted and you were a gift to the universe! 1 million thank you’s!!!💜💫💜

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