What SPIRIT GUIDES Are Trying To HELP YOU Do | Paul Selig

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Ever wanted to connect with your spirit guides? Then this is the SPIRIT GUIDES Episode FOR YOU!

In todays episode we hear from Paul Selig, an extraordinary medium that has some profound information DIRECTLY from our SPIRIT GUIDES.

If you want to tune into your guides, get guidance and ANSWERS you’ll want to stick through to the end! We will talk all things as to WHO our guides are, WHAT channel we communicate to our guides through, and HOW we can start communicating to them TODAY.

Full interviews with Paul Selig:

00:00 – Promo
00:50 – What you must do now
16:35 – What we need to know from the Guides
31:13 – How to vibrate at the highest level
45:29 – Is this Armageddon?

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