What It Means To “Go Meta”

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A deep exploration of the concept of "going meta" and why it's so important to understanding reality.

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  1. “Nothing is important…so everything is important.” – Keith Haring

  2. A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a free drink. The bartender says ‟I will give you a free drink if you can tell me a multi-level meta joke.” So the guy says ‟A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a free drink. The bartender says ”I will give you a free drink if you can tell me a meta joke.‟ So the guy says ”A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a free drink. The bartender says ‟I‘ll give you a free drink if you can tell me a good joke.” So the guy says ‟What do you do when you see a spaceman? You park, man.” So the brtender gives him a free beer.‟ So the bartender gives him a free beer.” So the bartender gives him a free beer.

  3. The movie “The Neverending Story” has such a cool 4th-wall break at the end. I love that movie…

  4. This is why the phrase “death of ego” aren’t just words. This phrase is a progressive verb inside of you, IF you allow it. These words of your identity dying is a powerful internal desire. For human identifications to die (actually change) it needs to desire the dissolution of its attachments to ideas, cultural beliefs, things, people, places, anything which consumes the mind and it’s behaviours. A need to dissolve your mind will open/expand deeper and brighter insights into your life. But to do so, to dissolve previously unknown attachments, your attachments to everything flashing and moving around you will want to understand that even your supposed importance or unnoticed place in this world among culture — is not important at all, and you’ll realize at a very profound level that you aren’t special. Any man/woman who can accept this very deep truth, has transcended their fixation on external permanence. Mankind wants to believe that everything we are and do will “be remembered” but this is also a limitation of created belief. Humans are extremely sentimental. None of us will be remembered, not even Elvis Presley in 2299. Our lives are fleeting… impermanent…much like dust swirling in the wind. Let go of the endless nonsense controlling your direction. Love through paying conscious attention. Without conscious attention we strive to beat the Joneses in the game. Let go of playing the game. Peace.

  5. Define « going meta » is essential for any kind of personal development
    It means “to step outside, zoom out or transcend a thing to make it the subject of one’s awareness” and can be referred as self-reflection or self-reference
    Becoming self-aware would be like a fish understanding what is water or Mario understanding he’s in a video game
    To master anything in life, you have to be attuned and wise enough to read between the lines: the art of seeing the implicit
    Going meta would be like discovering the cheat code of the game of life so you could be in god mode (damn, how cool this is)
    Examples: lucid dreams, meta-learning (learning how to learn), meta-language (understanding how our language influences our thoughts and shapes our reality), meta-science or epistemology (asking ourselves where do our assumptions and our methods of doing science come from ?)

  6. I’m such an idiot. I’ve tricked myself and been tricked by others in this meta language. I thank you greatly, I feel more freed with this real wisdom rather than entrapped.

  7. Going meta results in higher abstraction levels, such as potentially thinking less yet on a higher and much more powerful level. Similar to the idea that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

  8. No one goes Meta because of the responsibility it entails. Going Meta can also be called ‘Love’.

  9. I hate it when I get it intellectually, but I don’t “get it” viscerally.

    • How do you know that you dont get it viscerally? In order to know whether you know it viscerally or not you already have to know what it is like viscerally isnt it? Seems like self sabotage…

    • @Sattva Ram it means he do not “feel it”, it is a dry knoweledge, it is like when you know it is good to eat healthy, but junk food feel so gooood

    • @Superior Underdog Yeah but when people say I am not enlightened how the hell do they know what it is to be enlightened if they never experienced it? So in order for them to know that they are not enlightened they already gotta know what enlightenment is. This is the kinda logic…If they have no idea what it is they cannot even know whether they are that or not…

    • @Sattva Ram if you ask a lot of people what is god, love and other apstract words, you will get a lot of answers, that is why they can say “i’m enlightened”, who knows what they mean

    • @Sattva Ram At the end of the video Leo walks us through a very in-depth meta exercise.

      As I’m listening, I intellectually understand what he’s saying, but I know I’m not “getting it” viscerally because there’s usually a change of consciousness of some sort.

      For example, when you are fully present you notice a subtle change in consciousness—you start to notice the “emptiness” in your surroundings more.

      You’ll just “know” when something clicks.

      But to sort of build on your case, I could be “too close to it” and won’t realize I had it until I look at it in retrospect.

      I wouldn’t worry too much on it though. It’ll click when it clicks.

  10. I thought this was gonna answer the question “why we all are here?”…

  11. Over the past 5 or 6 years (hard to figure out), I’ve had an idea that has been growing in my mind, even finding it’s way into my dreams, that instead of surviving the deadly crash I went through 25 years ago, I actually died, and everything I’m now experiencing is a construct of the afterlife. My behavior, my choices, all being closely monitored by some “higher power” that judges and adjusts the framework to fit my own personal narratives. I get the feeling that I’m going to wake up from a coma in 1993 or 94, possibly 95, and the past 25 years will be explained to me as: “your mind trying to keep itself alive while your body recovered from a traumatic experience”. Sometimes I can actually see myself splayed out in the field, a full 20 yards away from the crash, bloody and broken. Sometimes I can see myself in the ICU, feeding tube and all. I hope that’s META, cuz if it’s not, I should probably seek help.

  12. that’s why one punch man succeeded, it was a meta critic of manga

  13. Literary had the experience that Leo described at the beginning of the episode. It happened under a high dose of mushrooms. But it wasn’t like I woke up to the higher reality, it was like God woke up from the dream that was me. It was unbelievably powerful. It seemed like the whole Universe was created for this specific moment. For the moment of total Awakening. And there was much more to it that is very hard to describe…
    As a post-story can’t tell that after this experience I became enlightened by any means. After mushrooms wore up I pretty much returned to my usual state of being. Glad that at that time I haven’t done some stupid thing. It was quite possible I believe. So guys be careful! If at some point You understand that You are God don’t try to check if You are able to fly!!!

  14. I decided I’m only “liking” videos where Leo says “tada” from now on.

  15. The only thing that is missing is a true experience not only a cencept but still thank you

  16. If you Leo one day say, “Are you getting this, Melissa!?” 🤯

  17. I feel like all those quotes here im the comments are the reductionistic part of holism.

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