What Is Wisdom? – The Ultimate Guide To Wisdom

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A comprehensive explanation of what wisdom is, and its opposite, and how to develop wisdom.

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  1. For those who were worried about Leo, he posted on his blog that he was taking a couple months off for rest.

  2. “Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows.” -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    • Love and Suffering are the two pivotal points where everything in life revolves 🙏

  3. Never seen this guy before but has just popped up in my suggestions as a minute old so I’ll give him a watch based on the lovely positive comments below🙏

    • We all love Rumi… So many good qoutes and poems… If someones hate on Rumi its all because of jealousy…

    • @IcePhoeniX Decimus Junius Juvenalis doesn’t have to be jealous of Rumi(at least not in this instance)- because he’s the one who wrote that. He’s also known as Juvenal.

  4. The glass 🥃 is already broken. It doesn’t matter if it’s half full, or half empty, but as long as you enjoy that it’s there NOW. Find good in the NOW. Being depressed about the passed, and Stressing about the future, forces us to miss the good that is happening right NOW. 😊🙏🏽

  5. 3 levels of understanding on the Path to Awakening
    1. Intellectual
    2. Experience
    3. Wisdom/Realization/Insight
    Be careful not to confuse intellectual understanding with experience, and not to confuse experience with Realization/Wisdom/Awakening.
    1 is understanding something with the mind.

    2. is an experience, anything from being high on psychedelics or from meditation. Or any other experiences you accumulated through life. Both 1 and 2 remains in the conventional level of the “bodymind”

    3. Permanent shift in Reality in a very visceral and “physical’ sense that doesn’t come and go like 2. Living embodiment of the true Nature of “Reality”.
    One good example is having your perception permanently altered from 720 to 1080 to 4k to 360 4k going from subject/object duality to non-duality, the merging of object and subject, finally to non-locality where neither subject nor object exist. And there’s not even a sense of “this” merging with “that”.
    Another good example, one of the highest wisdom on the Path, is a cessation or a Nibanna, the non-experience that belongs to no-one, where your entire universe/matrix/Mind vanishes, is deconstructed and reconstructed again and again, all in the blink of an eye, so you “witness” how the entire matrix/self/Reality/perception, and even “awareness” itself, and all experiences from the highest mystical states to the most mundane are structured and being fabricated moment by moment.

    Once you have a wisdom/Insight, it’s LOCKED IN at the “cellular level”, almost like you’ve took a quantum leap into a brand new Reality that you can never go back from, and you CANNOT HAVE A GENUINE WISDOM WITHOUT IT BEING A GENUINE WISDOM! Or else it wouldn’t be manifested in the first place. Ta DAaa hahahaha

    In short, everything that can be said about what is or what isn’t wisdom, or any experiences that come and go belongs to 1 and 2.

    There are no end point to 1 and 2. You can always gain more knowledge or experience.
    There is an end point to the Awakening axis of development, ie. when Reality/Mind directly comprehends Itself. What I call the Perfect Knowledge of 0 to 0 synch up. Infinity Eats Itself In A Strange Loop in every moment of Being. Totally transcending, both INCLUDE time and space, mind and experience. It’s the _________ that manifests everything.
    This doesn’t mean there’s no more “work” to be done after Realization, one can always have more 1 and 2 on the relative level and become ever more loving and compassionate, etc. But then again the Absolute IS the relative 😀

  6. There are many definitions… the Buddha often referred to “correct wisdom” as the mechanism that avoids suffering when directly confronted with it

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