What Is The Purpose of Life? Life Is An Adventure by Teal Swan

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What Is The Purpose of Life? In this video I'm going to explain why life is an adventure. So keep watching if you want to know what the purpose of life ist

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The real reason why people don’t change: 19:38

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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  1. “Basically I’m going to make a case for physical incarnation.”


  2. I remember asking my mom randomly in the car”mom why are we here on earth?” My Mom was so confused lol I think she just brushed it off.

    • @Hija de La terraTrue, as a kid i used to think about this topic, who are we, why are we here… like i was having an existential crisis :))

    • @Viorelle * yessss same , well I wish u all the luck and love in your path💚

    • That’s sad. She should’ve had a discussion with you. Not shut you down. Congrats for being more in spirit.

    • Maybe she wasn’t as comfortable making up an answer as Teal Swan. I’m always a little cautious when someone claims to have *the* answer to a question like this. It’s just another human with an idea. I humbly suggest reflecting on it and considering your own experience/answer. We all are in the cutting edge of time/space – stay open to the fact that we still have so much to discover – we’re not to the finish line yet 🙂

    • Oh bummer, she missed a great opportunity to have a discussion with you but then again she may not have had an answer

  3. I think this life is like validating that a star has not just a heart, but a family….and endless possibilities with….

  4. “Strap in your mental seatbelts” Favourite quote of the day!

  5. I swear Teal, every time I’ve got something gnawing at my soul, within a couple days I see your video covering that topic! Thank you for being you and for helping so many people. 🙏🏽

  6. Physical life gotta be the most intense experience in the universe 😅😅

  7. ”One of the great values inherent in death is that it shows you the value of life.”
    Beautifully said Teal !

    • Therefore implies that if we are Alive then we certainly Are Not existing elsewhere. Life the absolute opposite of death. So conclusion the sun is the sun and the moon is the moon. Choose Life☀👌

  8. “The beauty of your physical experience is that you CAN change what you experience, in your physical life”

    Thank you for this Teal ❤️

  9. “What is the purpose of life? Let me explain it to you…”

    Sh-t just got real 😳

    • Whoa! I just understood “no pain, no gain” for the first time!

  10. We are immortal, non-physical beings having a temporary human experience in a “virtual reality”, and the purpose of life is to increase the quality of our consciousness through learning and evolving by making good and bad choices.

    • So you say.
      Show me some proof of this.
      I’m eager to know more.

  11. She always knows what I need to hear when I hit my lowest moments

  12. I’m basically, God watching a full immersion, five senses movie, with me as a protagonist.

    • Yeah, I’m sure.
      Though, who knows?
      I know that a lot of people know a whole lot more than I do.
      So, I’m curious.
      Do you see me anywhere in this game, your game, beyond me asking you this question?

  13. With so much suicidal depression out there… including sometimes myself… this kind of perspective really helps.
    Thanks Teal.
    Your a peacock. Eating poison amd turning it into medicine✨🤍🦚

  14. Great, now I’ve got to go create a massive abundance in life.. so abundant that I could fly over to where ever Teal may be and buy her dinner and tell her Thank You Teal!!! Thank You Teal for choosing this life!!! Because you’ve shown the way and I’m a life that has changed!

  15. Living life isn’t that easy when you deal with chronic illness & migraines. I agree life is an adventure but when you’re restricted by pain it’s not easy to participate in the adventures. Even when you take really good care of yourself. It sucks to not even be able to plan a trip.

  16. When I was seriously considering suicide, one of the things that kept me alive was someone saying, ‘if you die you can’t listen to music.’ I cried because in that moment I knew that I already knew the beauty of life. How painfully beautiful it is. Today I am still struggling with committing to life but this video was a great reminder. I want commit to taking risks, commit to taking responsibilities for my feelings, and commit to allowing myself to feel everything that comes to me.

    • What are your thoughts on the news about Teal being blamed for convincing a person to commit suicide?

    • @Kristen Bloom To be honest, I was furious when I watched that news. Teal never convinced anybody. It was about her video on suicide, and what to do when your suicidal. In that video, she provided the viewers a tool, which was to imagine being dead and going back to source, instead of actually committing suicide. When I watched that video and used the tool on myself, I imagined being dead and watching everyone I know grieving, then going back to source. When you do that, you naturally want to come down to earth again. The tool was in fact to help us gain back the motivation to live, without forcing anybody to get motivated (which makes you feel even worse when you are suicidal). Teal literally saved my life that day. People, who were terrified of death, misunderstood her because for them even imagining death was scary. I do not believe death is something that is immoral or something that we shouldn’t talk about. Death is just a part of life. Without death, there is no life. And only when we embrace death we can truly live. Clearly the people who accused Teal for that had never been suicidal. The truth of the matter was somebody deflecting their guilt and shame of their child committing suicide onto Teal.

    • @Kristen Bloom I watched that video not too long ago. I don’t see how she could have convinced anyone to commit suicide. What is this you speak of?

    • ” If you die you can’t listen to music ” This just changed everything 🤩

  17. This officially became my favorite video of yours. Made me tear ❤️

    • Tear.
      Tear, tear.
      Maybe you should get more rest, so you don’t be so sensitive.
      Though I do not mean to tell you what to do.
      On this tear thing, it was only from correlating with some of my own prior experiences.
      But I wasn’t aware of anything in this video for anyone to be tearing about.
      But I’ve so far a very limited understanding of “others”, in the measure of what I know about them.

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