What Is Goodness? – Good & Morality Fully Explained

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The ultimate guide to Goodness. Absolute Goodness explained. How come good people are so rare? What does it take to become a good person?

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  1. I remember the first time when I watched one of your videos I was looking a video to learn English but I learn more than that you have helped me a lot leo thanks

    • In your own words, define “LAW”. ☝️🤔☝️

  2. “Though Destiny a hundred times waylays you,in the end it pitches a tent for you in Heaven. It is God’s loving kindness to terrify you,in order to lead you to His Kingdom of safety.” ~ Rumi ❤️

  3. Leo you look happy and experiencing a different joy. I am directly conscious of your satisfaction with life and I can feel that through the video. Thank you for your work. You have a Mexican fan here. Lol I’m fan of myself 😉

  4. Causing as little intentional suffering as possible to others and yourself is a pretty decent objective definition for good. But it’s hard to attain, since it can be difficult at times to know the results of your actions in advance

    • @bike4aday That makes a good bit of sense! I still want to mention that many of the Christian spiritual paths seem to converge upon what the Buddhists describe as the fifth and sixths Jhanas =) Aka the perceptions of infinity of space and consciousness

    • That’s basically saying “being scared of life means being good” in order to achieve greatness you have to evolve. And to evolve you have to hurt yourself and probably others in the process.

    • @Timeless Self-Improvement I see. Personally, that hypothetical reality does not seem good to me.

    • That is why – we have to become conscious. To first understand our own roots of suffering and then understand our interconnectedness with other human beings.

    • @sanchi singh That really helps a lot and really shows you the importance of it =)

  5. Emotional trauma can win over you…ONLY IF YOU LET IT! The heart is where your truest and eternal self resides. It is the absolute and complete foundation of your core being. Let it guide you. The heart has always been beside you. 🙏🏽🌿💚

  6. I enjoy your videos but you lack humility. 1000s of minds before you have been invalidated, or have validated the likelihood of God’s existence through being disproven.

  7. It’s simple don’t overcomplicate it. Goodness is loving others. Positive and negative vibrations are just love and hatred. It’s unfortunate science still hasn’t proven this (they have, they just haven’t released it, there’s much in science you don’t understand, because it’s controlled by the military)

  8. in summation: relative good + relative bad = absolute good … there saved you hundred eight minutes … however watch it, it is excellent 🙂

  9. Father which is in heaven: for he maketh. his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
    Oh, look the Bible talked about too

  10. Please make a video on the following topics:-

    How language works

    The end of the universe (big crunch)
    And what it means for us

    Non dualistic interpretation of the holy Bible, Qur’an,Gita and Judaism…so on

    How our senses work(visual,sound, tactile,taste and smell)

    What is the fate of humans once they colonise Mars and other planets

    How comedy and humour works

    How our IQ decreases in a crowd

    Survival skills to be super successful

    How fiction works

    How to start a successful business

    Take excerpts from history of the world tell us what we can learn from that

    And finally what we can do individually to elevate human consciousness as a whole.

    Thank me later… Make the videos first ❤️!

  11. Isn’t it selfishness, to think, that infinite creatures want to exist in the first place?
    Isn’t it projecting someone’s desires? Just like having babies.

    • this is where the new age comes in a says, you chose to incarnate here. That is the only explanation I can roll with if the universe and God is ultimate good

    • @Dennis V That explanation satisfies me enough to continue learning, but I know my soul seeks an ANSWER.
      Our soul, God doesn’t know where he’s come from, and all this ‘mess’ are His escapades to figure it out and come back
      ‘home’ (absolute knowledge). It seems simply that when one pursues this search in SARCRIFICE for all other pursuits for
      happiness, love, wealth, ever-lasting life, etc…then we get Everything –

    • @Jeffrey DesirYeah, I get reminded sometimes when in deep meditation, when a loving bliss comes forth and the messages I get from my higher self (lack of a better term) always says to me, you already know it, you don’t have to search and search and get frustrated when somethings don’t make sense. You are always exactly where you are supposed to be. And that calms me but a week later im back in full ego mode, comparing myself to others, getting angry at things etc. But yeah that is only the ego, the “higher self” knows everything already, it is about tapping into that knowledge and making a habit out of acting like the “God self”. Being kind and loving especially towards your self, I truly believe it is that simple, that is the best meaning we can make out of life, since there is no meaning ultimately except goodness. Everything else is just mind knowledge. It is interesting how I learn things more when I am in deep meditation then when I am reading a spiritual book for example, anyway God bless you

  12. Yassss you KNOW it’s going to be good when Leo pops off with a smiley giggle ha ha haaa.

  13. Godliness is the recognition of evil within – from love: leads to oneness (unifies reality). Evil is the recognition of evil outside – from fear: leads to duality (fragments reality). As we are fragmented conscious beings in a fragmented world, projections happen all the time, so the natural tendency is to project evil into others to survive. Survival is anticonscious/subconscious act and fragments reality, to preserve it’s structure, this is the ego mind. This subconcious ego mind is running the whole show. The ego is not a bug, it is a feature. “All the world is a stage”. The fragmentation doesn’t ruin oneness, it just creates more gap between us, leading to more suffering. Oneness always stays complete by it’s nature, but with love we can reduce suffering inside of it. Love is increased awareness about the oneness, fear is decreased awareness about the oneness.

  14. As God does not tolerate any kind of evil in his immediate presence, the devil is forever cast out of paradise and why forever because the devil knows the consequences of sin because he lives in the immediate vicinity of God
    Man does not know the consequences because he was just created and just met one little piece about Him.

    I got this from my Christian friend,


  15. I thought Leo will say, everyone is good in the Universes perspective. Instead he said the men can choose between good or bad…

  16. One small problem with this video:
    The word “good” seems to be empty. You compare your “Good” with the human concepts of “good and evil”, but you yourself say that Good and good are very different things. So why use the word “good” when in reality, the word can’t be used to describe the concept and also is easily confused with another more common concept. You could just as easily call it “chicken sandwich” and still give it the same meaning – what I’m trying to say is there’s no reason for you to use the word “good”. Your use of that word makes it seem to me that you are trying to create yet another moral system of “good and evil”. And before you say that “evil is good too because everything is fundamentally good” – yes, because you define good only as the absolute totality of all that exists, and it has no moral value. However that doesn’t detract from the “immorality” of evil (in contrast to MORAL good) in the system you create. It seems to me that to recognize god is good, and to not do that is evil (you don’t use those exact words as far as I can remember, but the connotations are definitely there).

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