What Healthy Eating Really Means To You? | Ronan Oliveira

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In this video, Ronan Oliveira unveils some of the myths of healthy eating and what Truly Healthy food means.

About Ronan:

Ronan Diego de Oliveira is Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness and works alongside the world’s foremost experts in Health & Fitness. Ronan learned the science of Health & Fitness the hard way — by carefully dissecting raw medical studies and testing what he discovered — on his own body.

5 years ago Ronan’s body was deteriorating…

With an over-demanding job, he spent a great deal of time feeling sick and tired, his mood was unstable and his mental focus was almost non-existent — a direct result of lack of exercise, poor diet, and bad sleep.

He decided to skip the hype, advertising and conventional ways of exercise and instead learn straight from scientific studies. He reproduced the experiments done by scientists in labs in his own body and saw how his health and fitness started to transform. The science of fitness and muscle growth has come far in the past 10 years. The importance of high-intensity training, tabata-like protocols and super slow strength training has shown that you can get fitter and get a better body in far less time than we’ve been made to believe.

By applying science, Ronan regained his energy and focus, got strong and healthy, won the 1st place out of 11,000 runners in the Viper Challenge, the largest obstacle circuit race competition in Asia — and continued getting faster, fitter and stronger.

Today Ronan coaches people internationally to apply the best methods to get in shape, boost energy, and bring back their “zest” for life.

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  1. What is your biggest struggle for losing extra body weight? Let us know in the comments below. Also don’t forget to check out Mindvalley Quests All Access for transformational quests 👉https://go.mindvalley.com/-All-Access

    • My biggest struggle is simple as a insulin dependent diabetic my medication is fighting my weight loss. Also my age is a negative factor for weight loss.

  2. Coconut sugar can be both depending on how refined. Plus for a diabetic it is still sugar so it isn’t healthy for me.

  3. for natural foods the dose makes the poison, if it comes from a box & is man made not eat it. love the emotional & psychological
    perspectives as tools to give energy to the result

  4. Does anyone want to be your boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖 ♥ ️❤️

  5. i think the definition of healthy eating is that i eat what my body needs in the right time,right amount,and with mindfullness and happiness with what i eat.

  6. When eating went from mere subsistence/survival to a gluttonous commercialized greed addiction product based insanity. Our health was lost and thoroughly compromised in the process. Yet we call it progress, and civilization. People have been duped with advertizing, promotion, marketing. Back to the basics. SIMPLICITY. Raw. Organic. Sprouting. Microgreens. Ferments. Moderation. Whole Foods. There is a hundred plus year old book called ministry of healing by EG White. Has a lot of wisdom to share about our health & wellness.

  7. Eating healthy is eating close to nature as possible.

    For me, that’s a whole food, plant-based diet (100% – 98% of the time).

    There are times when foods are not WFPB, added oil, added sugar, etc. But they aren’t a daily thing. A frozen treat (like a coconut “ice cream” or almond milk frozen dessert) is in the mix. Hey, going to a restaurant and having that crusted tofu with veggies is going to be less than ideal, but you can’t live in a bubble.

    When your energy is sustained, your skin looks great for your age, you rarely get sick, and you’re at a good weight for you, then the food you eat becomes a way of life and it is second nature to you.

    People often ask me, when they learn I only eat plants, “what do you eat?” I get a chuckle from that because it’s anything but animal products but I also spent 5 years researching the way of eating that has the best evidence to its effectiveness for overall health and well-being. So yes, based on the preponderance of evidence, there is “eating healthy” but in practice, for many, they don’t do enough to secure that knowledge and fail.

  8. For me, healthy eating is eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. It’s also not becoming too obsessed with the restrictions of eating healthy so that my mental health isn’t harmed in the process. I think my biggest struggle with eating healthy right now is budget, in that more natural foods cost more than processed foods, and also that I haven’t done enough research yet to see how to eat healthier on a budget.

  9. Hey Ronan! I am starting my own IG profile with the approach of food as medicine, and you really inspire me! Your videos entertain me so much and I understand very easy the concepts that you present! Thanks for the inspiration!

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