What EXACTLY are Emotions?!

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  1. the word “gigil” at 9:00 should be pronounced as gee as in geese.

    edit: I’m a Filipino btw

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️

  3. I *feel* you my Dawg ! Everyone in the comments: let’s party! “I like to mood it-mood it” !!

  4. Emotions do help to make up the human experience for sure, but it is the lack of understanding and control over them that would make us beasts. Don’t be slave to your emotions. Learn where they come from. Mastery of one’s self is a necessary step to full spiritual awakening.

  5. Additionally, the endocrine system (hormone glands that create the sensations of fear, love, and many other emotions/feelings as put by “Association Of Occult Studies” is how our body and Spirit communicate to/through us. “This is good for you. This is bad for you. You need to change the situation. You need to maintain the situation, etc.” The Chakras are connected deeply with the endocrine system which create our inner and outer experiences (our personal world). Science and Spirit. 😊

  6. Completely agreed ! This is basically what I’ve been practicing the technique of using the 1st (the one that express), 2dn (the one that receives) and 3rd (the observer) person between myself. The use of the observer is basically the use of the higher self by asking what m’I feeling and why so that I can fully understand the root of the emotion and this works on all levels, one example:

    Grandma calls the attention of the grandson and the mom said hey you don’t call his attention i do it!
    Grandma feels anger, and she ask the observer why is she getting angry, immediately the observer process the situation and exains to the grandma that her daughter took authority away from her, now why would that make her mad is that not her role as grandma 🤔

    Therefore grandma understands that her role is not the one to discipline the kid and at the moment that there’s no fundamentals for the anger, then anger goes away immediately.

    Hope the example helps others to understand the use of the observer, based on what I’ve learned this “observer” can be found on left or right shoulder depending if you’re right or left handed.

    Learning about the root of all our emotions can help us to debunk our most deep habits and ways of reacting to the world.

  7. I think emotions let you know the quality of your thoughts. With meditation you gain this awareness. Do this thought make me feel good or bad? Bad thoughts just have to be replaced with loving thoughts till you’re emotions are that of joy or love. Energy transformation negative to the positive

  8. Okay I love you guys but I ACTUALLY feel called out rn. Just 2 hours I told myself I can’t deal with them ill just start denying my emotions. And then you post a video that starts with that quote💀💀

  9. Spirit Science makes me feel Forelsket & Twitterpated for more knowledge.

  10. The idea of watching Inside out makes me churn, after considering i know that in my case it’s more likely to do harm to my method. I will, however, look into the EEM worksheet. i appreciate this offering.

  11. Paul Ekman is a phenomenal source to look into to understand emotions. Also there are many companies who work with emotions and their magnetic fields(EFT, PsychK, emotion code, psychosomatic energetics, bach flowers, bitfield tuning). For example, in physics when you have two magnetic fields the smaller field will absorb into and take on the properties of the big field. So someone can think of a traumatic memory for example and a large magnet is then passed over the person to remove that field and the person can learn and find peace where there was turbulence before.

  12. That’s what the annunaki wanted to know about humans! What are emotions. Lots of the upper dimensionals don’t have emotions. They’re what make humans unique. Which is why they are maligned by the systems and many cultural aspects. The judicial systems don’t allow for emotions – they have no ‘why’ to an incident being committed, because they don’t come from human culture.

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