What Are Holons? – Understanding Holism – Part 1

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An in-depth discussions of holons as the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Part of a larger discussion of holism and how to develop holistic thinking.

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  1. Wow. That’s interesting. I’ve never heard about it through this word. Thanks leo 👍 for breaking down such concepts for us.

  2. Come on Leo kick it into high gear again boss, shake that ring rust off and LETS GOOO lol. Glad your regular again

  3. Im about to go down a rabbit hole !!!! I can sit and listen to these kind of topics for hours!!!!!

    • I know right adorable Mr vocab Leo wide wide variety my brain absorbs this like a baby his vids are all amazing even earlier ones omg I gotta go lol

    • Not only have his topics been interesting, they’ve been transformative. My fiancé and I have gone through so many changes that have helped us heal from a lot of traumas and we’re building our own business now and pushing forward in life. We were laying in bed the other night and she started saying how thankful she is that we found his work and wondered were we’d be if we hadn’t found his help. Awesome stuff!

  4. Recently finished a couple Wilber books, thanks for taking this in depth. I understand the concept only on a basic and scientific way.

  5. “Even the most simple thing is astoundingly complex” yeah i found that out when my physics professor told me there is a 500 level entire semester on Hydrogen. The simplest atom, Hydrogen, takes a senior in college physics an entire class and semester to attempt to understand. Try taking Organic chemistry and watch as C, H, N, O arrange into everything, sugar, fat, fuel, and see just how complex nature is. But simultaneously it’s as simple as breathing it’s all being done by you with or without conscious understanding this may apply at many levels….

    • I took organic chemistry but I never took an entire class on hydrogen. That’s beyond me.

    • In physics, underlying the hydrogen atom are more fundamental particles such as electrons and the nucleus made of neutrons and protons.

      And these neutrons and protons consist of quarks interacting with each other through gluons. This is also notoriously difficult to describe, since gluons interact with each other.

  6. Thank you Leo! You are a true inspiration! I’m currently going through your course and I can really see lots of positive changes in my life, I finally have a purpose. Thank you!

  7. Leo saves my faith as a Muslim

    When I was new in this channel four years ago I confused what Leo mean god and godness . His theory about god confused me and my faith as muslim became weak and I became more secular than I was slam wahapist .
    When day in my life I read a Islamic spiritual book written by the great muslim mistic gazali , where he talked about his journey to spirituality (Sufism)
    And how he became enlightened.
    After I completed the book I surprise how Leo and gazali have same theory about godness and how allah works.
    I discovered that allah and god Leo talk about are the same. A new chapter begins for me in understanding how reality work and my secularism disappears within seconds .
    Actualized .org Became the best channel i watch , his content became for me the best resource I have to get access how reality (allah) , works I came back to my faith and restarted my salah prayer (meditation) and my contemplation (dua , muragabah) and hadrah.
    My life transformed from radical wahabism to secularism then after gazali to Sufism.
    Thank to allah who saved me
    Thanks you leo you saved my faith via gazali.

    • As a Muslim whose faith is basically dead, this is reassuring to read. I guess I’ll check out more of Leo’s stuff

    • @Mohtaseem Rahman muslim faith is the last version which is true , other previous faith expired whether it is Christianity or Judaism.
      If you want to check whether Islam is true or false , just compare religion scriptures books such as Quran verses bible . You will see they are same theory.
      Then you will verify if mohamed was enlightened and have channeling abilities.
      Mohamed was enlightened as Leo stated previous in his episode about Islam .
      Mohamed talked about the beginning of the world as Leo stated

  8. Pure understanding indeed! All of you who are making a serious use of this free encyclopedia of advanced personal development in a radical open minded way, you are awesome as far as I am concerned. I wish you all the best.

  9. We need to realise that we are following a system and not recognizing of being the system.
    Therefore the challenge is to wake up and recognise that we are the system.

  10. I’m glad your sticking with the music it’s a good intro and I’ve never heard it, and it doesn’t sound bad at all, and the quotes yess very creative helps viewers gain knowledge by learning about new philosophers and so on, it’s great

  11. Ordering a pizza after watching Actualized: “Make me one with everything.”

    Joke aside, thank you for your great work, Leo!

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