Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 26th, 2020 | Astrology Answers

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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

The Moon is in dreamy Pisces on Monday, bringing calm energy to the chaotic nature of Mercury in retrograde. The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto on Tuesday, encouraging mental expansion and metaphysical studies – this is a great day for an astrology or tarot reading.

The Moon is in feisty, fiery Aries on Wednesday, helping you feel more motivated and driven to succeed – focus on existing projects today.
On Thursday, the Aries Moon aligns with Mars, which is retrograde in the sign of Aries; this energy may bring emotional intensity and even outbursts. Throughout most of Friday, the Aries Moon is in a difficult angle to Saturn and retrograde Mercury, causing miscommunication or even conflict – try to be patient when speaking to others.

There is a Full Moon in Taurus on Saturday that shines a light on any issues or emotions that have been hidden under the surface. And on Sunday, communicative Mercury is in conflict with karmic Saturn, a transit that may bring changes to relationships – try to focus on compassion with yourself and others.

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