Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 3rd, 2021 | Astrology Answers

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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, we have an Aquarius Moon, as well as interaction between Mercury and Jupiter – this is a great day to think about what you want to manifest in your future. That Aquarius Moon is in conflict with Venus on Tuesday, which can bring a sense of frustration or misunderstanding to relationships. On Wednesday, the Moon is in Pisces, in harmony with Mars and Uranus – this transit asks us to get things done and shake things up creatively.

Venus is in harmony with Pluto on Thursday, encouraging you to be open and honest about your deep feelings – especially towards your loved ones. On Friday, the Moon is in Aries, in harmony with Mercury, encouraging deep conversations and safe socialization. Venus is in tension with Jupiter on Saturday – watch your spending and indulging today. Aries Moon in conflict with Pluto on Sunday, bringing the potential for power struggles; practice yoga in the morning for harmony.

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