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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, the Moon is in social Libra, in harmony to expansive Jupiter – this transit encourages open communication and mind expansion. The Moon moves into intense Scorpio, where it will be opposite spontaneous Uranus, bringing the potential for rebellion or surprising emotions; try to maintain balance through meditation.

The Aries Sun and Saturn are connecting, while the Moon is moving into Sagittarius on Wednesday – this transit brings an upbeat and productive attitude, making it easier to get work done. On Thursday, that Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with the Aries Sun; these two Fire signs bring harmony, comfort, and creativity.

The Sagittarius Moon is in tension with nebulous Neptune on Friday, creating emotional confusion – avoid making big or emotional decisions today. On Saturday, the Moon is in pragmatic Capricorn, while Mercury and Uranus are in harmony with one another, making it a great day to step outside of your comfort zone. That Capricorn Moon is in harmony with Neptune on Sunday, amplifying compassion and encouraging vulnerability.

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  1. You speak of the movement of the planets as if their friends coming to visit. I truly enjoy and benefit from your knowledge.

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