Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 4th, 2021 | Astrology Answers

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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

There is an alignment between Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius on Monday, marking a new era of expansiveness and financial abundance globally. The Moon is in Aries on Tuesday – in harmony with Venus – encouraging excitement from Aries and an appreciation for beauty from Venus. Assertive Mars is in tension with compulsive Pluto on Wednesday, which may create tense energy and power struggles.

On Thursday, the Taurus Moon is in harmony with the Capricorn Sun, helping us feel more grounded and relaxed. The Moon continues in Taurus on Friday, urging you to rest, have some fun, and enjoy Christmas.

The Moon is void of course on Saturday, giving you the perfect opportunity to relax and gather your energy after the holidays. The Moon is in Gemini on Sunday, and the Capricorn Sun is in harmony with Uranus, urging you to reinvent yourself and make plans for the New Year!

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  1. Excuse me! If you are a spiritual person at all you wouldn’t be pushing the agenda and pushing more fear into your audience because a true spiritual person would say nothing about it at all let alone encouraging people to put god knows what into their bodies by way of this dangerous vaccine and the human spirit needs connection to other souls so please don’t make a bigger division than what’s already being created by the dark souls or the soulless who seek to snuff out the light of our souls!

    • So you’re saying spiritual people can’t follow science too? Sounds pretty close-minded to me.

    • @Barbara Swieciak it’s hard to articulate ‘what’s spiritual’ to me because it’s an abstract feeling. I work in Research and I follow astrology. With the movement into Aquarius of outer planets I was hoping this would be entering a time of progress and advancement. Vaccines save millions of lives, as does modern medicine. The only single minded, ‘believe what I believe!!!’ comments are coming from those who claiming to be spiritual, whilst saying you can’t possibly be spiritual unless you deny science. The opposite of spiritual in my opinion.

    • Wow. Calm down. Focus on the collective not yourself. Science wins You may feel differently if you or one of your inner circle struggle or even succumbs to covid.

  2. Terracnce you need to view Plandemic 2 on U Tube . The Fear is from the Evil !!

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