Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 18th, 2021 | Astrology Answers

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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

The Moon is in fiery Aries on Monday, amplifying motivation and action – this is a great day to focus on your projects. The Sun enters Aquarius on Tuesday, increasing awareness, intellect, and futuristic thinking. The Moon moves into calming Taurus on Wednesday, bringing peaceful energy that allows you to balance work and fun.

The Moon continues in stabilizing Taurus on Thursday, making it an excellent day to spend some time in the healing outdoors. That Taurus Moon is in tension with Mercury on Friday, making communication and decision-making more difficult – this is not a great day to sign contracts or start new projects. Loving Venus is in harmony with dreamy Neptune on Saturday, amplifying intuition, compassion, and the desire for romance. On Sunday, the Moon is in Gemini, in a hard angle to Neptune – increased compassion makes this a great day for volunteer work.

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  1. Wishing for some good news on the 18th. Thank you for your reading, always a guide for me to start my week 😊

  2. Terance, your site is the ONLY reading which is continually interrupted by commercials- times every reading ???… which totally breaks up your reading and ones concentration 👎

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