WE WON | ‘Let Go Of All Negative Energy’ | The DEEPEST Healing

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    • Yes what even is this crap. All I see are the words: “stream is starting” with background noise that sounds like typing on a keyboard and heavy breathing. It’s not a video at all. Why are people applauding this and liking it is beyond me

    • What do you mean? For me, it’s a video that says stream is starting with a bunch of odd background noise like typing on a keyboard and heavy breathing. What even is this crap? It’s not even a video at all

  1. What is this? The video just says “stream is starting” and that’s it… And you hear a bunch of weird background noise like typing on a key board and heavy breathing. Why give a like to this or any acknowledgment? It’s nothing. Not even a video.

  2. Ralph ahhhh wtf I’m really trying BUT an older lady👩🏻‍🦳 just stuck her fingers in my salad after I offered her an olive. I mean she didn’t wait until I got it for her but just went right in like for herself like REALLY! Omg it was really good but I’ll never know how the rest taste. The anger I held back from her audacity no matter the age! I kept it cool😎 but I’m still pissed an hour later lol smdh! Thanks tho Ralph you’ve actual helped me a lot in my journey!

    • I wish that was my only problem in life lmfao. A weird thing to complain about

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