We May Have Created a Monster…

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In today's Spirit Stream, I am called to share with you a true story about a video that we made, airing soon – all about the Qliphoth – The Tree of Death – and how it MAY be a cursed video… What's worse, we're about to unleash it unto the world… Oops!

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  1. Y’all best let me know when who where these demons are I HAVE THE POWER TO LOCK THEM AWAY

    • nice! i got my sage and copal, and prayers to hanuman. If these tools fail, i’ll be contacting you! 🤭🙏🙏🏿🙏🏽 namaste

    • Please take mine away. They are in my head, very dangerous, large, and will suck the life out of everything good and light. One lion is not strong enough to pull her away, it would take many strong spirits to drag it out and take her and her minions away. They are considered bad seeds.

    • @I Told You So it just takes you own will, but your beliefs and fears strengthened the being and now you THINK it’s impossible to take it away from you.
      If you start believing that your word is law, and you believe it 100%, then there’s not a single being in the multiverse that can stand in front of you.

  2. I have been working on reframing my curses into gifts not yet realized. If it’s that kind of curse…maybe not so bad. ✌❤

  3. ✨💫✨🌬✨💫would be interesting to hear what Dan Winters thinks about this.
    He has a separate degree in The
    Historical Fear of Women.
    It seems you invoked Lilith.
    She is not a Demon.
    She shows Us our shadow.

  4. Thank you Jordan for this wholesome channel, you’ve created something really accessible and Patch is very easy to listen to and absorb the concepts.

    • My son likes to watch it, I know quite a few parents that will watch w their children as well. (There are a few episodes that are better for older children rather than the younger.) I love how well they simplify these topics & are still so thorough with the information.

  5. I think when we first see this video we should each take a moment to ask our guides “Do I need to be watching this? Would I do well enough to encompass and transmute what I learn here?” Then once we’re aware of our guides, no matter what happens we’ll be supported and carried through the experience 😛

  6. Comes along w this “tarot-tory” 15 mins 3 seconds. Wink, wink. I’ll prepare first & clear afterward. Excited to watch the video!

    • most have just lost their way on the soul path of light, thanks to hard lives, religious condemnation and we have the power and awareness to help them go to the light. Includes the highest 👁, many Ill********** are needing light workers to help them, even in the physical to help find a place in our changing planet and give them a road map to redemption through helping to create a 5D planet. that redemption may take 100s of years and even a few incarnations. But I know they will get there. 💖

  7. Tree of Life☯️ roots of death! ( Yin, Light Side, good )The tree of life can’t reach heaven until the roots reach the Gates of Hell first….( yang, Darkside, evil) this is when we win the war😶 it is what, it is……….

  8. Try to enter into the mind of a thief, a pedophile, a murderer, psychopath, sociopath…
    and you will see a great rebellion,
    because such a mind refuses to be revealed.

    Understand this and you will understand what was going on in creating your video.
    These energies simply resisted that you enter into them and understand them,
    because once you reveal them they are no longer mysterious and “free” in their world.
    This is called the end of the game,
    of course, it is necessary for both of you to survive this and that both of you learn everything you need from it,
    so that neither of you becomes that energy anymore.

    From such experiences, you realistically learn what is love, health, life, death, source…

  9. Okay, maybe you created an “evil being”, but why are you reinforcing this belief (and the grip of said being) by repeating it every 5 minutes?

  10. That is strange. I never thought of it flipped. In the tree of death , is Metatron the root? While the original root (Sandalphon) is now the crown chakra?

  11. Usually when you are revealing deep knowledge, or a key to open a gateway, that’s when obstacles occur. So called ‘demonic’ entities are usually gatekeepers that challenge you when you are about to level up spiritually. You’re probably on to something with the video and that’s why challenges occurred.

  12. “People weren’t equiped to deal with these things”…. Friend, most people are still not equiped to deal with these things and you are going to release “these things” to people you do not know personally, whom you haven’t vetted, and who may be in any number of vulnerable states? Um…….. need I say more?

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