Was This Video Meant to Confuse People About Tetrahedron UFOs?

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An alleged video of a Russian CEO speaking at the UN claimed the black tetrahedron UFOs over the Pentagon were real. But later, the video was revealed to be fake. What was the intention of this highly sophisticated ploy?

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    • This original video was Doctored, The ones that Exposed it showed the original Video and the one after it was doctored. DOCTORED BIG TIME.

  1. The Original video that was let out was Doctored, The ones that Exposed it showed the original Video and the one after it was doctored. DOCTORED BIG TIME.

    • @M C No problem, within the last couple of years their was a video on this by the ones that exposed it that showed both videos step by step in detail on how this was manipulated. It may still be on YT. They keep showing this over and over wanting everyone to believe it I guess. It reminds me of the monolith videos showing up in the last year or so, some people will believe anything is alien even though the screws holding them together are visible.

    • @Doc Brown lol on the Monoliths from last year. Agreed. And I’m still scratching my head as to why they were called monoliths in the first place.

    • @M C Thirdphaseofmoon wouldn’t let it drop everyone had already seen how these so called monoliths were built from the pictures that were taken. One lady cursed me out on here telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about, she thought they were alien created, I listed the Specific time on one of the videos that the screws were shown and told her to watch it. She come back and apologized to me. Thirdphaseofmoon was pushing it.

    • @Doc Brown That’s crazy about the woman thinking they were alien structures that all of the sudden were appearing just to make us earthlings wonder what was going on. Ahahaha Apparently she gives them no credit…I’d think aliens would have built something far more impressive. lol I had forgotten all about thirdphasemoon, I unsubbed from their channel over a year ago.

    • @M C I watch them once in a while not often for the simple reason they are trying to keep that type of hype up and not being realistic, I don’t mind letting them know in the comments when they are being ridiculous. Some people will believe anything when it comes to such things as that Monolith issue.

  2. Gostaria tanto de poder acompanhar os vídeos, mas não tem legenda em português

  3. Eine weitere Ablenkung der Kabale, um vom Reset abzulenken & die Lämmer schlafen weiter ! Es ist alles zu hinterfragen, was in den Geschichtsbüchern steht und was die Fundamentalen Dinge im Alltag und besonders in der Physik und Medizin anbelangt !

  4. real one is interdimensional being they are the source of all knowledge. not those greys

  5. Not enough proof or adequate information to agree with the claims made in this vid, nor were both vids shown in the same size and perspective so it’s pretty much comparing apples to oranges. I don’t find this to be credible as presented.

  6. If I remember correctly, Gaia tried passing this clip off as legitimate not all that long ago. To be fair, it’s exceptional CGI work

    • They admitted their mistake and to say it’s good CGI is like saying Hitler was successful 🤡

  7. People who didn’t know each other saw and recorded the ufo ,it more likely that the government covers it up ,here in the US and Moscow than tell their citizens the truth

  8. Our galactic brothers and sisters are here. Watching over us..not as a threat..we humans are the threat to ourselves. Golden Age is here☯️😊

  9. See here we go, no matter how much evidence we prove is truth, it will be downplayed in everyway possible.

  10. Interestingly, NASA, surely the public front to a military space programme, are reported to be heavily invested in image manipulation technologies, A.I. and ‘augmented reality video’ on the basis that it is vital for training and off world simulations. By coincidence, it could also be used to show a team in low earth orbit who are actually on the ground in front of an advanced green screen. Much cheaper too.

  11. Why not show up, broad daylight, clear as day, over the Pentagon, for everyone to see…instead of at night?

    • The Moscow video went through the early hours until it was light aswel. Also why should they appear then they are obviously not keen on humanity as a whole knowing they are here what do you think we would do them? why take a risk.

    • @Matty Savage they take a risk Everytime they show up. But is it really a risk? What? The multidimensional, space traveling being’s space ships can’t take bullet impact?

    • For the same reason, you wouldn’t land a helicopter in the middle of a herd of sheep.

  12. Maybe the other video is the hoax. And the one with the hot Ruskie is real .

  13. Neat psyops double bind play. Watch the clip with Michael Caine explaining the principle of The Prestige. First principle control or drive narrative via hall of mirrors principle. The question to ask is why, why now, what is to be gained, controlled or manipulated, by whom and for what benefit, what is it distracting from at that time. Hall of mirrors also enables testing of suggestibility confusion rating of media messaging approaches – false flags.

  14. Pyramid and tetrahedron objects are dissimilar shapes. Do they know what they are talking about?

  15. Guys this was a movie set and a film being made. Literally a quick google

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