Was There a Nuclear War on Mars?

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The research of John Brandenburg suggests that Mars was once teeming with life, cut short by the detonation of two massive nuclear weapons. As a nuclear scientist, he is keenly aware of the effects of nuclear explosions and has discovered such tell-tale signs on Mars.

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    • Corey Goodey and other whistle blower usa space force on mars with other aliens at war

  1. According to Whistle blower info usa there are secret usa space force war z on Mars since 1950s

  2. I believe there was a Nuclear war. When I was a young child about 4, I had an subconscious memory of it happening. Very Strange

    • Do you mean you remembered the actual war was when you were four or that you had your experience of at four? Because if it was the actual war on that planet, it would be off the charts with radioactivity. And we would have been glowing at night. Our own night light!!!

  3. Yer and we will do it to the earth if we all don’t sort it out humans have became so un connected to each to much greed for power!

  4. How do we know that it wasnt earth at one point and we all colonised this planet

  5. This is definitely an eye opener for those who wants to know how much destruction happens after a nuclear.

  6. Mars is currently colonized and so is the moon..And if you disagree you are a fool.

  7. As per Above Majestic “David Wilcock” said there’s humans whom have colonized Mars or there’s a space base. I resonate with this and believe it’s true.

    We’ve been lied to on a massive scale (including c19) and there’s far too many “conspiracy theories” that are now being proven true. Exit the matrix. We aren’t alone at all.

  8. Big time! That’s why there coming here next! We’ve already been visited just wait till they take over then nuclear warfare really is gonna jump off.

  9. I discovered Dr John Brandenburg’s theory about three years ago and was shocked there was so much information on this subject but not well known by the general population. Everything about this theory makes sense. Just look at any pics of Mars surface. It looks like something blew the crap out of it!! There is junk all over the place.
    The information about the isotopes found there is facinating. After analysis, finding that those isotopes are ONLY found where a nuke has exploded.
    There is a ton of info on this theory by Dr John Brandenburg and a couple other sources. Give him a Google.

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