Was Malcolm X Visited by the Men In Black?

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Meeting the "Men In Black" after witnessing paranormal events is well-documented. The first instance is believed to have occurred on June 27, 1947. In a passage from "The Autobiography of Malcom X", he recounts becoming aware of a strange man who suddenly appeared in his prison cell. Was this mysterious figure another Man In Black case?

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  1. This is my first time ever hearing about this happening to Malcolm X. 😲
    When I hear people discuss Malcolm X they never mention this situation of him encountering this mysterious man while in prison.

  2. You never speak of *Your* experience, it’s like an Oath.. that is too Taboo to reveal. At least, that is how it feels.

    Why would a Man speak of how he can harness Zero-Point energy (for example) yet these days he goes on-undiscovered. I am referring to Nikola T – The great.

    But I’m just some guy on the Internet. 🙂

  3. Contrary to the people making snide remarks and making all the cornball jokes, I’ve heard about this. I actually heard about it quite some time ago.

  4. Malcolm X later claimed that the man he had seen was Wallace Fard Muhammad.

  5. Everyone getting offended just because it’s a black man. This should be a channel for the enlightened and spiritual. But I still see hatred. Change your ways while your still have time. You can’t expect to ascend with hate in your hearts.

  6. tha man in the dark suit was Master Fard Muhammad , . Malcolm made that publicly known many many times !

  7. Uh, the term Men in Black was popularized long before the movie with Will Smith came out…. Nice distraction tho… probably fooled some people.

  8. GAIA updates always help me to keep going through all the trials of life. Thank you all at GAIA for that. 🖖🏻

  9. This quote bait was deliberately taken so far out of context by Gaia and for what … clicks (mine 1st & now last included) 🤦🏾‍♂️

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