Warnings of Natural Disasters Hidden in Sacred Architecture

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Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of Sacred Architecture on Gaia – https://bit.ly/3m4QUl8

Sacred architecture has always served as a means of conveying symbolic information, but its secrets were decipherable only to the few who were initiated into the sacred mysteries. The greatest secret they kept was that the source of these mysteries are all around us and readily available to anyone who seeks them. Randall Carlson reveals that the secret ratios and patterns found in the cosmos and throughout nature are encoded within sacred architecture.

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  1. “The ancients left warning signs for us in their architecture.”

    Yes and THE warning sign that the ancients left everywhere is for us to beware of The Archon. Yet cue the crickets on that one. “Meh” sayeth the mighty schools and churches, government, businesses and corporations.

    • @Ammon exactly the point, (too) few know … i have it covered throughout my channel. Pick any video with archon in the title to get an ear-full of deep truth on the subject. I can’t leave links here for fear of being spam-fodder foldered.

    • @atlas gunther so now how can I leave the matrix or free my self and my people from this trap ?

    • @Ammon That’s the $60,000 question I’ve been hunting for 10 years, 24-7. If you can come up with even a hint, I’m all ears.

  2. GAIA is great at delivering ancient data and information for all to inquire and enjoy. Keep up the awesome work 📜🌴

  3. Well, that’s comforting. Tell us we’re nearing a cataclysm without any substance

  4. So why not help your fellow humans and tell us more in depth about these events that are to come instead of making people sign up and pay ?? Feels like y’all only want people who Pay a monthly fee to know….. but theres still a pandemic going on and some of Us, millions of us lost our jobs you know.

  5. Big video bro💯🔥🔥🔥 the gods, say all scriptures and tramandations of them. And they appeared in time of cahos, for send us in fioriture civilizztions over the world. Thei arrive soon, the anomals cataclism starts in 2020

  6. The music chosen for this video really enhances the sense of how important its subject is. Thank you, Gaia. 👍🏻

  7. Whence man releases from thy illusion of time, all things shalt appear different. Only man thinks time is real. Years, months, hours, minutes, seconds, these are a man made concept. Meditate. Peer within thyself. Know thyself. Awaken source energies. Enlightenment is now.

  8. no ancient civilizations survived any upcoming natural disasters that is why they are called ancient since they are fallen for this or that reason. And the reasons are seldomly about another civilization invading them.

    Actualy states in their thriving times don’t fall to invasions. It is either they feel overpowered and invade their neighbours and sometimes their neighbour destroy them in return (Carthago, Nazi Germany) or they fell from power by other means and then invaded since now they were weak (Hitities, Roman Empire).

    There are civilizations on the earth whichbdid not perish and continued to exist till today. So nobody accepts them as ancient. We only accept that they have an ancient history. China and India are good examples. And guess what, nobody say that “ancient Chinese” or “ancient Indians” knew that a climate change was upon us.

    These rubbish conspiracy theorist / newage philosopher scammers tell all these nonsence for view numbers, booksales etc. And it is not new, it is how it is done for centuries. There were shaman fortune tellers, Daphne maidens, prophets, mediums, then since the half of the 20th century it is these guys on radio shows, on books and since the social media on YT.

    Don’t worry, nobody knows the future. There are more imminent dangers ahead, long before climate change threatens human existance. The earlier effects of the climate change may easily cause a nuclear war or worldwide revolutions that will destroy the infastructure leaving billions hungry and without proper medication. Since the drinkable clean water resources are evapoarting at the moment and changed weather regimes leaving most of the rich agriculture soil dry. This causing economical crysises, social disorder, weakened countries open to political pressure that leaves US, Russia and China to gain ground and show teeth to each other, bringing us back to the MAD days of 50s and 60s.

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