WALKING ON WATER | What This Story Is ACTUALLY About Will Blow Your Mind!

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Speaker: Bill Donahue


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  1. Yes. I just asked last night that if I work hard to open my pineal gland is there anything to fear. Awesome how the holy spirit works. This is the first answer he gave me today.

    • Everything is an answer. We just tend to notice when it the reply we were looking for.

    • There is a higher power and we (humanity) are apart of this higher power when we make the choice to be .Jesus said the kingdom of GOD is within

  2. I don’t know when did I subscribe to this channel but it seems like I was right

  3. I’ve been listening to Bill Donahue for years and I like the time and effort and editing you out into this video. Thanks 🙏🏾

  4. How wonderful and TRUTHFUL
    A very good book: The GOD DESIGN (secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul) by Kelly Marie Kerr
    She teaches this same thing

  5. Where do you find these guys? Years of confusion blown away by the last 2 videos and consistent line up of thought provoking speakers. Bravo!

    • “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.”

      “Seek and ye shall find.”

  6. I think Bill Donahue has missed the mark so I’m here though. If everything is just allegory and poetry then there’s no need to believe in miracles. I do believe that Abraham had literal children and we see the Jews today which proves it and that they descended from his eight sons one of which was Isaac. I also believe Jesus literally walked on water. If we simply believe these things to be allegory then everything we desire is only within our mind and does not manifest. The Aramaic words it better when it defines Faith by saying faith is the manifestation of the things we hope for as if they’ve already happened. Allegory is one thing and manifesting is another so I believe that it can be both.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. At last! I stopped going to church because of all the back biting misery that was caused across the whole congregation. Why was I told to be quiet when I spoke as you do? I asked about the verse where Yahushua said ‘resist not evil’ and I was told all the wrong things. They had blank stares on their faces. I said that it surely must be a commandment, but they said no it isn’t. They had no ides how to answer me.

  8. The very thing Bill Donahue spoke of here came to me, UNDER MEDITATION, after I had actually thrown the KJV Bible in the trash – after having had to stay in a local homeless shelter that makes it mandatory that you go to chapel every day three times a day for food and shelter! I came to the understanding that if “Hell” could have and earthen (physical) address, it would be, “Haven of Rest (Distress) Ministries,
    175 E. Market St.
    Akron, Ohio 44308
    No matter how hard you try to follow the rules and keep a smile on your face, the people that run that doo-doo hole from the top down like to play a psychological game called “Poke The Bear”; antagonize you to the point where you’re literally and figuratively backed into a corner and want to defend yourself, where if they feel like it, they will throw you out on the street just because they can. And they call themselves “Christians” and “Men of God”.

  9. I love Bill Donohue. Did you ask him if you could use his work in conjunction with your work? Only I think he would be thrilled to see what you created. He is quite elderly these days, you would make him very happy to see it. Like the Universe is giving him a boost for all he has done for us and a boost for you too 🙂🍀

  10. Wowwwwww !!! This is the most amazing video I’ve ever seen,,,,, Danmmmmm,, I’ve been trying to say this my whole life ,,, 😂🤣😂,,, finally 🙌 !!!!! I shared with everyone !!! Listen !!

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