Vishen Lakhiani’s Personal Experience With Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming: Vishen’s experience with lucid dreams

Where does your mind go when you sleep? In this video, Vishen Lakhiani introduces the fascinating and unexplored world of lucid dreaming. Imagine if you learned how to control your dreams. How much more fun would your sleep be? You could learn any skill you wanted to master, hang out with just about anyone, or go anywhere in the world—all in your dreams.

Lucid dreaming is such a powerful phenomenon that it is known to affect your waking states. And in this video, Vishen Lakhiani explains how his experience with lucid dreaming impacted his life. You can easily learn how to lucid dream, too, and experience the many benefits of lucid dreams. For instance, Vishen had his first lucid dream just after one conversation with Charlie Morley. How profound.

Watch this video now and listen to Vishen’s lucid dreaming story.

About Charlie Morley:

✅Charlie Morley is a leading authority on the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming.

✅In addition to being a bestselling author and teacher, he is the only expert to date to have presented Lucid Dreaming training to key personnel in some of the world’s biggest institutions – including the United States Congress, Cambridge, Oxford, and the British Ministry of Defence.

✅Charlie’s early experiences with Lucid Dreaming as a teenager were purely recreational – but inspired him to explore various related areas of science and spirituality. At the age of just 25, he was even authorized by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche to become a teacher of the practice.

✅Today, Charlie has trained in over 20 countries. His books have been translated into 15 languages. He speaks on stages around the world, including TED and Mindvalley University. And he has helped countless people harness Lucid Dreaming as a tool for profound epiphanies, transformations, behavioral changes, and healings – including as a form of remarkably effective treatment for PTSD in war veterans.

About the masterclass: “How To Experience Lucid Dreams So Powerful, They Transform Your Waking Life”

You’ll learn:

The 4Ds of Lucid Dreaming: Follow these four easy steps to engage your mind’s natural ability to experience Lucid Dreams (it’s not a gift or a talent, anyone can do this).

Holistic healing through dreaming: Discover how to use Lucid Dreaming to heal pain and illness, overcome fears and emotional trauma, and effortlessly erase unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating.

Your life’s greatest questions, answered: Wondering if you should take that job? Date that person? Make that big, life altering decision? Access your inner intelligence, and get the answers and clarity you need in your dreams.

Why professional athletes swear by Lucid Dreaming: Studies show Lucid Dreaming improves physical strength, endurance, and fitness in the real world – here’s how that’s possible.

The 10 ‘magic words’ to remember any Dream: Just recite these words before bedtime, and start remembering vivid dreams tonight.

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  1. I can wake myself up if I have a scary dream too. Also you know how if you dream about falling off buildings you usually will wake up? I ever tried forcing myself to not wake up and ended up walking away from the fall in my dream. 😂
    But! I’ve never had lucid dreams though.

  2. Vishen, pls also make videos with the speakers who have attained Moksha/Nirvana/Self realization stabilzation, Thanks a Million in advance!

  3. I actually had a slight lucid dream, in which the first half, unusual things just occurred, and then in the seconds half, I gained a little control and ended up creating a rollercoaster theme park and making millions from visitors. Then, I realised that it was a dream, but something extraordinary happened: I wanted this to be real even though I felt it wasn’t (I felt this during the dream, something that has never happened to me before). It was a strange but enjoyable dream.

  4. Every now and then, I sometimes ask myself whether what is happening is a dream or reality during dreams, but usually need up thinking it’s real before waking up after a while: it’s the strangest thing ever!

  5. When I was 9 10 years I could once a week lucid dream didn’t knew it had a name

  6. I recently had a lucid dream under anesthesia . I met my spirit guide
    It was like a happy gathering , a very huge joyous occasion to say hello
    To all those on the other side
    I preset my intention and the intent to recall my dream . It was Amazing
    The nurses were like Wow your really happy must have been a good dream ❗

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