Virtual Reality and The Future of Planetary Evolution – MIT Graduate Class

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Virtual Reality and The Future of Planetary Evolution, 2.S972 MIT Graduate Class, Faculty Ken Zolot, Senior Lecturer, MIT Office of Digital Learning. Deepak Chopra, MD shares his insights and engages with the student community from MIT, Harvard and Berklee. Poonacha Machaiah, CEO @Chopra Foundation (, shares the VR/XR/AR technologies and industry collaboration with leading companies in the domain.

Ken Zolot – Senior Lecturer, MIT Office of Digital Learning (
Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship, The Berklee College of Music
Founder, Innovation Teams Initiative, MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

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  1. Thank you for sharing, it’s so inspiring and I’m impressed by the great human and technological engagement that is involved in this project. I’m sure about beneficial potential for many and I feel privileged to might learn about it.

    Yet, from my personal perspective, I would call it “Instead Project”
    Instead, because for me, we can obtain exactly the same results as the results of “touching the other with a loving hand” which for me is the only purpose of Consciousness’ experience. Yes, for me the Consciousness wants the love and the joy in Now only. We don’t need any other planets, we are already living in an abundant paradise – well, at least those who can see it (and this is yet another topic but what if they becomes the guardians, guides and teachers)

    I’m not sure really if consciousness search to evolve more than it searches to feel – the famous feedback , in the brief experience, of 2.5-seconds energy’s projection in Universe scale, that we call our whole life bc of Einstein’s interpretation that forgot to tell us that We are the Universe with its center within.

    I think today, that our role as human beings or quite conscious agents is to eventually might influence how long the experience will stay.

    2.5 second of love and joy or can we do better ? I think that this faculty is the real and only one who differentiates us from the other spices. No language or Storytelling – for me, each living form communicates and it’s not bc we can’t understand their language that they don’t. They follow only the seasons, the rhythms, the cycles they have created, and apparently, they can not influence it by themselves – yet we know nothing about how they really do. And yet, why do I think they don’t influence it already? oh, only bc I separate them from me for the time I observe, 🙂 In fact, it all depends on the “touching hand” The same I would say about so-called enlightenment – it has never been a goal – it’s just a tool. A tool that allows us seeking and feeling the “hand” And yes, all lives matter.

    it inspires me to look back on what the atomic clock exactly is

    thank you again for sharing.

    ps. language: yes, we are a unique gens’ expression where A became T in the code and allows us to express our symptoms with stories. This is not Sapiens, this is just a switch in genetic code that eventually may lead us to the greatest things ever which is influence on the experiences periods.

    What does the switch have to activate is the possibility to make 2.5 sek longer, and the spell is “I LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE”

    We should create a new movement, like “LOVE MATTER”

  2. Teach pets to talk seems more useful than to create a digital human being… 🧐

  3. What is our trueself??? Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine… we don’t respect the nature. We don’t respect the planet. We don’t respect innocent animals. We don’t respect ourselves like humam. We want go to the stars?? For what??? To destroy there too??? What do you think about to change us?? Here. Now. What do you think about satrt, sincerelly, to take care of each other? Like humam race?? If you close your eyes and imagine that… would you like what you see… a better world with better humans?? Will you really like this?? Think about.. and free your ttue nature. Free your trueself. 🖖

  4. Huh? the + – and neutral ? innert? what about the presence of nothing … ill be back i have to walk my dog

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