Virtual Reality and The Future of Planetary Evolution – MIT Graduate Class

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Virtual Reality and The Future of Planetary Evolution, 2.S972 MIT Graduate Class, Faculty Ken Zolot, Senior Lecturer, MIT Office of Digital Learning. Deepak Chopra, MD shares his insights and engages with the student community from MIT, Harvard and Berklee. Poonacha Machaiah, CEO @Chopra Foundation (, shares the VR/XR/AR technologies and industry collaboration with leading companies in the domain.

Ken Zolot – Senior Lecturer, MIT Office of Digital Learning (
Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship, The Berklee College of Music
Founder, Innovation Teams Initiative, MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

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  1. Thank you dearest Deepak ,thank you for adding and sharing your light and knowledge into the world! 💐

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  3. thx deep c,,,preoccupied w/ 2 fx metatarsals on the same leg that’s broken

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