Unveiling Reality : 45 Principles

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Unveiling Reality : 45 Principles


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  1. Dear Deepak, thank you. I have a question. Are you worried or concerned about the 5g rollout I know many doctors and scientists have warned about it health dangers it makes me feel concerned I will never have a 5g phone myself but the impact of the rollout that some people beleive it will have is a concern. I would love to know what you think and why all the best

    • All technologies pose some risk ! Time will tell
      We may adapt as we have through evolutionary history . Or we may not . In short I don’t know 🥲

    • @Deepak Chopra I see I will continue to try not to let it into my thoughts too much thank you for reply ATB

  2. It certainly would be wonderful for you to give these workshops! Thank you Deepak. Namaste 🙏

  3. Dear Deepak so happy to see you here: thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  4. How do we protect our energy so if we visit with someone we get nerves or anios we get sick from others.

  5. hello deepak, do you live alone? it seems you live alone, where is your wife live?

  6. Sir you have been a very positive influence on me over the past 30 years starting with your first book

  7. And I have been a positive influence on some people, so your influence I imagine has grown exponentially

  8. I love you , Deepak! THANK YOU for this ….and for ALL your support and inspiration throughout this past year.

  9. Great… Thank you for sharing your thoughts in detail from ur personal notes…
    You are so blessed and wonderful..
    Thank you so much

  10. Querido Deepak! Buen dia! Como estas? Serias amable en traducir al español, todos tus conocimientos !! para que miles de personas que vibran en tu sintonia, puedan acceder a la informacion que das por las redes sociales…y asi tu servicio a la humanidad, seria mas grande! Cariños desde Argentina. Soy Angela, en Buenos Aires 14 marzo 2021.

  11. Thank you so much Deepak to let us be a part of sharing your 45 Principles! WORKSHOPS ARE A GREAT IDEA!! :]

  12. Thank you for sharing Deepak! Hope I got it all right.
    1. To be elegant and gracious in giving is one way to connect to the source of existence. (Whatever you want – give more!)
    2. To know without thinking is the highest intelligence.
    3. Our every day reality is the projection of a collective fragmented mind.
    4. Diverse frequency domains of consciousness project modes of perception that allow access to diverse worlds.
    5. To step into the unknown without anticipation or expectation is lightness of being.
    6. Other worlds and universes are other worlds of perception.
    7. Waking state is a particular excitation of consciousness.
    8. Forgetting your identity as a person is total freedom from fear and separation.
    9. We are drawn to total freedom, but we also fear it.
    10. Every sentient being is a gigantic mystery.
    11. To jump into the abyss of freedom is the abandonment of the personal self.
    12. All memories are present moment constructs of present moment experiences.
    13. Our internal dialog projects as the experience of the physical world. Beyond that is the realm of infinity and infinite modes of knowing and experience.
    14. Every day perceptual reality numbs us and dampens our connection to our source.
    15. There is a seeing beyond perception.
    16. Infinite knowing is available to us in the inner silence beyond our internal dialogue.
    17. You have access to infinite energy if your awareness is grounded in the infinite.
    18. The objective world of facts is a perceptual activity of the waking state of consciousness. The world appearance is different in different states of consciousness.
    19. Perception does not cause awareness. Perception is awareness knowing itself as both the biological organism and the world.
    20. Awareness is that by knowing which all else is known.
    21. You have access to unlimited power if you are willing to detach from your present identity.
    22. We are all channels for the spirit. Its gifts include peace, harmony, laughter, knowing, love and knowledge.
    23. Perceptual activity does not represent the world. It creates the world.
    24. Every day reality is virtual reality and our personal self is a virtual self.
    25. The world is our collective dream scam.
    26. Almost all anxiety is about not what is wrong but could go wrong.
    27. Self-pity and self-importance go together.
    28. Every defence contains a hidden apology.
    29. That which moves and speaks and breath in your name is the infinite being. Its faint glimpse is the universal feeling “I am “.
    30. “I am” is not subject to birth or death as it is never personal.
    31. Shift your gaze from an object to the space engulfing it.
    32. Form is perceptual activity. Formless is awareness.
    33. Your personal body-mind as a form is a time bound activity of timeless formless infinite being.
    34. In the simplicity of choiceless formless awareness lies the delight and the liveness of existence.
    35. In choiceless awareness are the secrets of intuition, spontaneous right action and effortless evolution to higher consciousness.
    36. Nature self regulates its existence.
    37. We are engulfed by infinity in all directions.
    38. Formless infinite space surrounds us and forms us and every object in the universe.
    39. Space and awareness and the formless are timeless existence.
    40. Intention is the force behind all voluntary action and muscular movement.
    41. “I am” is the infinite formless timeless being in which form and phenomena ceaselessly appear and disappear as eternal fluctuations.
    42. “I am” is the universe ceaselessly knowing itself as sensations perceptions images feelings and thoughts.
    43. Atoms, force field, particles are known to us through perceptions and their mental interpretations.
    44. We describe meaning to vibrations and construct the physical world.
    45. Prana is the moving vital energy of consciousness.

  13. Thank you Deepak for sharing your wisdom! The workshops would be wonderful.

  14. My deepest Gratitude Mr. Chopra for Your willingness to share your experience gained Wisdom, by showing your adaptability also in your own Life, and Body experience You Walk your Talk. Thank You

  15. Hello sir. Yes I would absolutely love it if you made all your aphorisms into individual workshops. Quite frankly, I would listen to you talk about anything. Sometimes I fantasize about being stuck in an elevator with you,and then just talk for a few hours 😁

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